Lindsay Lohan Drives Her Assistant to Quit


Celebrity spotters recently had an incredible sight – Lindsay Lohan running around Los Angeles and arranging her business by herself. Soon it became clear why the actress was so busy – her personal assistant quit.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s personal assistant, Elinore, reportedly left her employer after just a few months on the job because she was exhausted. An informed source reported:
“Lindsay would often force her to stay with her for days on end… and then blame her when things went wrong,’

Actually, Lindsay doesn’t have a good track record with her assistants. She was ordered by the court to wear SCRAM anklet after the controversy with her previous assistant. Back in 2007 Lohan quarreled with her then-assistant for some reason. The assistant rushed out of the actress’ house, but Lohan pursued her in a car. Details remained unknown, but finally Lohan ended up a parking lot fighting with the assistant’s mother. Police were called and Lindsay was found to have been drinking and carrying cocaine in her jeans. She denied cocaine was hers saying she put somebody else’s jeans on before going out.

So Elinore was actually lucky – she wasn’t being chased by Lindsay and her mother wasn’t involved.

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  1. I have been exploring for the particulars on Lindsay being let go from prison and ended up here. All I will point out is that i’m pleased with the fact that Lindsay Lohan will be finally released from prison. This woman has a real crisis and ought to take into account responsibility. It is very difficult for everybody to believe that Lilo will figure out ways to resolve her challenge simply because the state of California thinks that they can easily pressure her. Everything that she actually should have is substance abuse therapy. I pray that Lindsay Lohan discovers contentment. And I trust that we all are not being tricked if she is not just doing all of this merely to receive media awareness?

  2. I just realized the fact that she is at long last returning to rehabilitation. It is almost certainly her fifth time. I certainly have high hopes that Lindsay L. can make it this time. The single thing Lindsay is heading for is more prison time or demise. I as well hope that lilo is not just simply performing this for media attention!!

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