Kylie Minogue Exhausts Herself with Diet


Kylie Minogue has begun preparations for the concert tour in the US. The singer plans to look every bit gorgeous, and therefore is exhausting herself with a strict diet: everything she can imagine – water (lots and lots of water!) and one low-calorie meal in a day.

Kylie Minogue Exhausts Herself with Diet

A source close to the Australian star said that she wasn’t overweight. Kylie has always resorted to a strict diet whenever she is due to give a high-profile performance or has a photo shoot.

“When she wants a treat she freezes the citrus water into ice cubes so it feels like she’s eating a healthy ice lolly,”

For the tour that should start by next year, the Australian pop singer has already thoroughly prepared: she bought a collection of mini-dresses most of which were created by designer Julian MacDonald. We await the demonstration of stylish new items, new songs and great shows!

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