Kate Hudson’s Slim Body Secret Revealed


Nicole Stewart, personal trainer of actress Kate Hudson, tells how the star manages to stay in great shape. It turns out that the 35-year-old mother of two sons always carries a jumping-rope and takes it out of her purse to work out at the slightest opportunity.


Kate always takes the jumping-rope with her wherever she goes! Once she has a free minute, she goes outdoors and the exercise begins. Have you known that five minutes of a jumping-rope four times a day replace 20 minutes of cardio exercises? According to the trainer, Kate knows that there are no magic pills.

The coach also adds that Kate leads an active life, enjoys yoga, dancing, boxing and tennis. She does not spend a single day in her life without sports!


By the way, during the first pregnancy Kate Hudson gained almost 35 kilos, and then she had some difficulty in returning to her normal weight. However, nurturing her second child, she tried to eat healthy foods and gained only 6 kg; after four months, she could boast having the same figure back again.