Intimate Madonna’s Photoshoot Embarrassed Her Children


MadonnaRumors say estranged husband Guy Ritchie told his ex-wife that her recent frivolous photos picturing Madonna kissing with her young lover upset their children. Photos featuring Madonna and Jesus Luz in intimate poses were published in American W magazine. Guy Ritchie made it clear that it could embarrass the kids at school.

Madonna’s half-naked photos came as shock to the filmmaker. The singer, however, got mad at the comments. First, she thinks Guy has no right to interfere with her artistic activity, and, second, Madonna wants her children to be strictly protected from media influence. She bans her children from watching TV and that upsets Guy Ritchie, too. He believes children should be better prepared for real life.

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  1. Hi, wanted to say thank you for not publishing the photos of Madonna with her teenager. I saw them, they look disgusting. Well, Madonna does look much better than most women of her age BUT dating Jesus Luz looks bawdy. Sorry.

  2. People are jealous. Why does anyone care who she wants to be with, its her business. She’s hot, he’s good looking, she can have whoever she wants. If Jack Nicolson is 75 and dating a 30 year-old, madonna can be 50 and date a 23 year-old

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