Christina Aguilera Loves Her New Curves


If there’s a celeb who revels in her plump body never heeding criticism, it’s Christina Aguilera!

Christina Aguilera curvy body

Although there’s been plenty of acid comments over her not-model-slim shape – some went as far as to hint at pregnancy – the best pop voice just doesn’t turn an eyelid. For her latest performance on Sunday night at the American Music Awards she wore another skin tight gown, from Herve Leger.

The photos look as if the 30-year-old singer has gained some odd pounds, but Aguilera’s friends know that she likes to look gorgeous.

Christina Aguilera likes her body

Talking to RadarOnline, a friend of hers told in an exclusive interview that Christina believes it’s good to be curvy. She’s not pregnant, but she enjoys having curves in the right places – and no-one is going to deny the woman her voluptuous body!

She’s a Latina, her friend reminded, and she thinks it would be only proper to set an example for girls and women, Latinas and not, so they could also take pride in curves. “Christina thinks she is a good role model – not everyone is super skinny and she wants girls to embrace their body type.”

Also, the source added, Christina intends to go on wearing revealing dresses.

The idea of choosing a dress to wear – according to Aguilera – is how you feel in it and not what you look like. There’s as little reason to deny yourself a tight dress when you want one as to be displeased with wearing your own skin when you can be happy in it.

Christina Aguilera wants everybody to know that she is happy in her skin!

Tight Dress for American Music Awards