Celebrities Who Don’t Mind Owing up to Having Undergone Plastic Surgery


What our renowned Hollywood actors and actresses would like above all other things in this world is to remain young for as long as it is humanly possible. Producers like to have them glowing, energetic and lithe, displaying the beauty of eternal youth. The obvious way to ensure it is plastic surgery. It is small wonder, then, that they are quick to resort to these helpful procedures – even before they begin to need it! Yet this way out can be pretty scary, too – for how can you be sure that it will come off with exactly the result you have been praying for? It is a thought darkening the hopes of everyone attempting to change via plastic surgery, but for celebs it is ten times worse. What if the surgery will alter them out of recognition? Like with Jennifer Grey who went and had her nose sculpted after she appeared in Dirty Dancing. She really looked better than ever before, yet she wasn’t easily recognized as herself, and consequently she was unable to trade on her success.

So, there are reasons why plastic surgery is not considered a happy topic of discussion among the illustrious. They have it and then they like to believe that it remained unnoticed. Naturally, some surgeons are so good at their job that many celebs get away with it. Still, there are popular people who don’t mind when this topic is brought up, and they comment on their surgeries without qualms. See who feels free to tell about their surgeries and how they shaped up their lives afterward.

Iggy Azalea

Azalea is of those who don’t know why they should keep their plastic surgeries a secret. She had breast implants and had her nose altered, and commented on it without any inhibitions. In her opinion, it is something that nearly everybody does these days, so there is no earthly reason to be shy or critical about it. Expounding on the topic she said acidly that haters are down upon plastic surgery out of mere jealousy – because that’s what they would want to undergo themselves. While she agrees with the maxim that one should be happy with one’s body, she equally accepts that some women may want to alter some parts of their body because they are dissatisfied with them, and why shouldn’t they get on with it? Beauty, as well as plastic surgery, is only what we make it, and “there’s nothing black and white” about them. Good words!

Khloe Kardashian

None of the Kardashians ever dithered before laying themselves under the knife. All of them did it and lived on looking slightly different than before, and the younger generation was quick on the uptake, following suit. Really, Kylie Jenner should have thought about doing surgery at a somewhat later age, what incitement could she have had to effect such drastic changes? It’s not if she wasn’t beautiful, and these surgical changes actually seem pointless under these circumstances. Of them all, Khloe Kardashian spoke most freely on the subject, probably because she found it very difficult to conceal the results. During the discussion of doing plastic surgery with Cosmopolitan, she compared it to putting on makeup which they do practically every day because that’s the way life is, wearing masks. Would you agree with that point of view?

Kelly Rowland

Rowland is another glorious girl who had no grounds to ever think of correcting her appearance. But chances are all women whose breasts are on the smaller side ponder time and again whether it is worth their while to go in for plastic surgery. So did Rowland, ever since her teenage days. But back then she heeded her mother’s advice not to hurry with it, and actually got round to the issue rather slowly. She waited until she turned 28, the age when she felt she could trust her judgment and rely on her physical acceptance of the operation. Before having her implants installed, she began to wear a padded bra with the idea of getting the feel of how it is going to be. Now Rowland is of those who pay close attention to how they are living, known for her comments on dieting, saying that she prefers to eat clean and check the responses of her body to different dishes. She eats to be energetic, so the food she mostly goes for is vegetables and fish because they don’t give her the feeling of a heavy stomach.

Nicole Kidman

A woman whose looks others may easily want to possess, Kidman is one of the last people to want to undergo surgery… So it may seem. In fact, she may have fallen under the spell, for she does look altered. Kidman herself admitted to doing Botox solely. She started on it on a regular basis only to find out that it gave her the notorious “frozen” look that rather scares people off. It’s funny that celebs that can afford the best procedures there can be and avoid the pitfall that seems to be quite common: looking like a statue come alive or wearing work that has obviously been botched. Kidman ended up by regretting her Botox decision and saying she would never resume it. In her interview with LaRepubblica she claimed to be happy about being able to “move my face again”.

Ariel Winter

Although plastic surgery is supposed to bestow a new appearance and eliminate the signs of aging, first of all, some people have it done because they want to feel better in their renewed body. There are women who find large boobs uncomfortable, for example, they may be racked by pain in the back or may not like to be too conspicuous in this area. So they go in for breast reduction and feel relieved to get rid of the unceasing nuisance in their lives. It’s more of a physical necessity than a wonderful expectation, and the issue is no different for celebs! Ariel Winter is the one who knows it better than anybody else. In a Glamour interview, she called her new feeling “amazing” and said it made all the difference to her general physical well-being.

Jamie Lee Curtis

We all remember Jamie Lee Curtis from a string of horror movies where she earned the moniker of the “Scream Queen” – and her fame was not gained by her unordinary vocal abilities only. Curtis is as hot as they make them, and spectators enjoy seeing her again and again. But the passing years began to take their toll and set Curtis wishing for plastic surgery. It was a decision that she came to regret, and didn’t mind telling about it to the world. According to the actress, she tried everything – surgeries, liposuction, Botox, and ended up being disappointed in them all. “None of it works,” she stated later. But the one procedure she regretted most was undergoing the under-eye one that removed fat and puffiness. She did it for a movie she was going to star in, but again, it turned out to be a sorry experiment.

Heidi Montag

Reality celeb Heidi Montag seems to have plastic surgery on her mind most of the time. She underwent one procedure and then just went on and on with it, unstoppable. If you remember her from The Hills, well, she looks nothing like that at this juncture. Actually, she went in for surgeries while she was filming, and her fans saw her change from one part to another. Montag is also notorious for her People interview seven years ago where she confessed that she had ten surgeries done on the same day! It sounds almost incredible, and there’s no telling what her body went through. Probably the doctor was playing on the young actress’ insecurity, advising a chin reduction, an eyebrow procedure and what not. Montag said she felt she was getting a deal of a lifetime, and the doctor was laying it on thick, by the way omitting to mention the price and the severity of such an untoward plastic surgery session.

Pamela Anderson

Do you know that Pamela Anderson hit the big time by appearing at a football game? Playboy people saw her on the Jumbotron and all but dragged her in to make photos for the cover. Since then Anderson had her breast altered more than once and assumedly did it just for the fun of it, because “everyone was doing it.” She makes no bones of discussing the issue in public, saying that her boobs have a career of their own! The Playboy cover proved to be a jumping board that sent her flying high in the industry, then moving on to appear on the screen, starring in Baywatch and other movies and shows. For a while she even hosted a show of her own, but it folded soon.

Tara Reid

Tara Reid and plastic surgery seem to be two incompatible things. Her attempt at it proved almost exemplarily bad. Her boob implants came off atrociously, as if to become a vivid proof of why people must be very circumspect about lying under the knife. Reid couldn’t boast of too much flesh on her bones, but when she came in for her share of success in The American Pie franchise, she thought it was good time to take care of her body – by doing a breast job and, the strangest of it all, a liposuction, which may be the last you think of looking at her. Rather predictably, liposuction didn’t go off well, leaving her skin wrinkled and a bit deformed. She had to stop wearing a bikini and that was bad for her career, losing her opportunities. Maybe there are ways to fix the problems, but she wants no more of it now – small wonder she is now too scared to even think about it. She compares it to surviving in a plane accident, will you want to fly again? She calls her scars “battle wounds” which deprive her of showing too much of her body.

Lisa Kudrow

Luckily, not everyone is so allergic to plastic surgery as Tara Reid; Lisa Kudrow, for one, can display a great job right in the middle of her face. You will never say looking at her that she had her nose corrected, it looks fine – to which is witness everyone who saw her in Friends, where she acted with her nose newly shaped. So, Kudrow has nothing to regret and there’s no looking back for her – she walked away from the part of her body which he only described as “hideous.” She more than welcomed the change that positively affected her whole life. When she attended Conan O’Brien’s improve class he encouraged her to stay, and that proved profitable for her career.

Joan Rivers

Nobody would be surprised if it turned out that Joan Rivers doesn’t know exactly how many surgeries she had. It was during so many years and there were so many procedures that Rivers is a veritable expert on the matter, evidenced by her book which she named Men Are Stupid…And They Like Big Boobs: A Woman’s Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery. There she disseminates the old idea that it is better to look young and be happy about it, than to let your aging body get you down and dispirit you. In accordance with her pet theory Rivers had more than 700 procedures and believes that it was a good stimulation. Anyway, her appearance changed so much over years that she became a completely different woman. She was heard to say she would like to have a twin so she could observe the difference. An exciting idea, that! After a routine endoscopy she had not enough oxygen to breathe properly which resulted in brain damage and untimely death.