Celebrities Speaking on Big Breasts: For and Against


It is believed that women with large breasts draw the attention of the stronger sex, and find it easy to obtain anything they want. Geniusbeauty.com goes into the issue to clarify whether this opinion is true to life. Here you have four heroines, who have learned to behave with dignity and have not become “puppets from the sex shop”. They have succeeded in making men look right into their eyes. If you also have the impressive breast size, will you tell us how you live with such a treasure?

Kim Kardashian

Queen Latifah

The official version of the origin of the breast: natural

Queen Latifah says she misses her babies after the forced breast reduction surgery and speaks about it in her usual ironic manner. She says she used to be big, and now she has become a usual woman. Queen Latifah confesses, it is still difficult for her to get used to it! However, the singer and actress tends to exaggerate: despite the breast reduction she still has a very luxurious bust.

The nominee of Grammy and Golden Globe slightly reduced her famous breasts in 2003 after losing much weight. The lady recalls that she lost about 11 kilos during several months, and it got too difficult or even unbearable “to wear” her breast. Queen Latifah liked her impressive size, but she had to reduce it to a more modest one. Now the woman says men look into her eyes.

Kim Kardashian

The official version of the origin of the breast: natural

The star of reality shows is not afraid of discussing any topic. She says she was 10 years old, when her breast started to grow. She was the first girl in the class to wear a bra. Now she remembers that she used to cry and prayed to God to make them stop growing. Her sister Courtney mocked at her, and at that moment Kim hated her, as she admits.

With time, Kim realized that her flaws had turned into her advantages. Today, she gladly poses for paparazzi on the beach, proudly displaying her sexy figure. The beauty follows her mother’s example and feels comfortable in any situation.

Pamela Anderson

The official version of the origin of the breast: silicone

Looking at the new poster of Playboy on the wall of a fitness club, the future member of the Baywatch team found those girls extremely beautiful. She wished she would have the same breast. More than 20 years have passed, and Pamela Anderson’s name has become inseparable from her impressive appearance. She became famous as the first actress, who had increased her breasts to such an extent.

The implants are her main property, the actress confesses. Thanks to them, she gained confidence and got her first role. They made her sexier and more feminine not only for the people around her, but for herself as well.

Christina Hendricks

The official version of the origin of the breast: natural

According to the star of the Mad Men series Christina Hendricks, big breasts can totally destroy the dream of becoming a runner. Luckily, the actress has never wanted to be one. The beauty still feels frustrated when tabloids discuss her magnificent figure. Moreover, the Esquire men’s magazine called her “the sexiest woman in the world” last year. Christina says it may sound silly, but she had not realized her being different from other women before she starred in the series.

Telling about her film character, the office manager Joan, who appeared in the office in sexy outfits, Christina admits that many women praise her role in the Mad Men because it made them have another look at their big breast. They are no longer trying to hide it.