How to Pack your Wardrobe in a Bag

When traveling, any woman dreams not to bring a very large suitcase with her. In order not to overload yourself with unnecessary things, you need to consider what clothes you will need during the trip. has compiled a list of helpful hints.

What Clothes to Pack

Tunic dresses can be worn with leggings in cooler weather and alone, if the weather is warm. Be sure to take a sweater or cardigan with you. If it is very cold, leggings will be a perfect warmth-keeper under jeans or pants.

Packing Shoes for a Vacation

During the flight or trip, wear the heaviest shoes. This can free a lot of space in your suitcase. If you go to a spa, take very light summer shoes with you. Do not forget to use the entire space: small items such as deodorant or socks can be stuck into shoes – this will save space.

Packing Sports Equipment

If you can get equipment for rent, do not drag it with you. For example, you can pack your ski boots, and skis can be taken for rent at the resort.

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