Is Balthazar Getty in Sienna's Nets?


Sienna Miller Got Balthazar Getty in Her NetsOnly two weeks ago Sienna Miller announced herself a free woman, and yet, she was recently seen with Balthazar Getty in London. Instead of having turkey at the Thanksgiving dinner with his children and wife in Los Angeles, Getty flew to the capital of Great Britain and strangely was seen everywhere Sienna was.

Witnesses say that the two looked very relaxed and happy, whereas Sienna’s most recent beau, Josh Hartnett was nowhere to be seen nearby. The Daily Mail newspaper writes that people from Maida Vele district recently saw Sienna and Balthazar walking her dogs together. Has millionaire Getty finally decided to divorce from his wife? Could it be that he got jealous after finding out about Hartnett?

Is Balthazar Getty Still in Sienna's Nets?

Photos of Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty:, Daily Mail