Arnold Schwarzenegger Ready for Another Terminator?


Whatever shape his personal life may be in, Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to strong-muscle his professional life right back into the picture(s).

Arnold Schwarzenegger

His private affairs are heavily shadowed by a scandal over a love-child conceived with a housekeeper and an impending divorce – Maria Shriver has recently started divorce procedures – but the eternal hero rides on into an oncoming Western Last Stand, as his rep told PEOPLE.

It was different a couple of months ago, when in May, while his marital ground was shaking under his feet, the 63-year-old actor made a decision to back-burner his acting projects. It went for the Last Stand shooting and tentative attempts to revive the blockbuster Terminator saga. Now he is officially back on the Last Stand cast and his rep says other film ideas are being discussed. The shooting is scheduled for September.

Source of the image: Hollywoodreporter.