Angelina Jolie Fighting Off Jennifer Aniston for a Good Reason?


Behind the facade of the successful shooting of Bounty Hunter in Atlantic City where Jennifer Aniston is doing wonders presenting her protagonist with another A-lister Gerard Butler, an unexpected trouble seem to be brewing. It all began with cell phone messages coming straight out of the blue telling her to “back off”!

Jennifer Aniston on Bounty Hunter Shooting

Assumingly the messages, signed with the initials AJ, were sent by none other than Angelina Jolie using Brad Pitt’s cell phone as soon as she returned from her L.A. trip. And they certainly make one think that Angie took up a fighting stance against what she regards as her rival.

The Look has a part of the story pat from a reliable source who vouchsafed a comment on the alleged messages: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Jen was upset about it. Getting that sort of message would be a shock. I don’t think Jen would expect to hear from Angelina at all.”

Upset Jennifer Aniston

Still, one can see the point of such importunate action. Angelina Jolie does have a batch of rumors that she would like to scotch. “Angelina must be fed up the suggestions of them [Jen and Brad] getting back together. She’ll know better than anyone that Brad is a good man and although Angelina has always tried to give the impression she isn’t threatened by the stories about Jen, it must annoy her to read claims that Jen still has feelings for him. Jen and Brad had a connection — Angelina knows this. But she has six kids with him now and I’m sure that’s something which really holds them together.”

Yet it appears that Angelina has it in for the 40-year-old actress who was Brad’s wife four years ago… Does she have a good reason for that?

The informant is sure that there’s nothing wrong in maintaining nice relations with your ex’s, and it’s good for Brad to have a spot of Jen in his life. “She seems to be a real tower of strength for him and knows how to put a smile on his face. Plus, I think she’s really relishing the opportunity. She clearly has a soft spot for Brad and seems to happy to jump in and counsel him through this tough time. She sometimes sends little gifts to Brad’s Plan B production offices in LA if she spots something he might like. And she’ll send him daily motivators — quotes from self-help books she reads about staying positive. It must really lift his spirits. Angelina thinks these gifts are a little too personal, and has told Brad not to encourage Jen’s behavior.”

Jennifer Aniston Movie Shooting

Well, she may have some grounds for her suspicion, may she not?

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