12 Most Widespread Celeb Myths


Hollywood milieu is so fascinating for the public partly because it teems with riddles and mysteries. On the one hand, all these celebs go everywhere, see everything, can do what they want – but on the other, does that makes them happy? Are they satisfied with the lives they lead? Are their love stories for real or do they make pretense? Even what kind of people they are can be impugned. Are they as appealing as they put themselves across? We know a lot about them and yet sometimes we feel as if we knew but nothing. That’s why we go on unearthing more and more information hoping to arrive at the truth.


Many of celebrities’ secrets become myths that often can be neither proved nor refuted. These myths may have solid ground beneath them – or they may not. Still, people go on believing them and repeating them. Even if some myths turn out to be so much fiction, many people go on believing them notwithstanding. It is far more titillating to believe in these stories, they make the celebs shine more brightly, loom larger. Anyway, myths have long become an indispensable part of fame, something we love and marvel at.

Lady Gaga, just how much of a lady is she?

You can’t predict what Lady Gaga is going to wear next. It was marbles, raw meat, cigarettes, it can be anything. We will be surprised but we won’t be surprised. People discuss her clothes, and sometimes they come round to discussing her pants. Or lack thereof. Or what’s underneath. So it is quite in the line that some folks keep saying Lady Gaga looks different in her pants – in fact, more manly. Lately her clothes have been rather embracing in the genitals, and somebody inferred that there may be a secret hidden that is not always easy to hide. In a way it’s preposterous to think that the notorious singer may be anything other than an attractive woman, but there are some who seem to really like toying with this idea!

Jennifer Lopez, has she got a price tag on her butt?


The rumor that Jennifer Lopez’s shapely buttocks were priced at a billion dollars has been circulating since the 1990ies. Back then the piece of news was given out by tabloids who reported that the actress’ precious derriere was estimated to be worth $300 million. Very soon the rumor tide brought the sum up to one billion dollars. We all admire Lopez’s gorgeous body and we can swallow this sum easily, but she, when asked to issue a comment, burst into laughter and said it was ludicrous. Well, she may not have wanted to disclose what she regarded as personal information; or maybe, it is all hearsay that somebody cooked up. Anyway, it looks like this story remains a greatly popular bit of speculation.

Snoop Dogg, could he be a Mormon in the heart of hearts?


Rapper Snoop Dogg was heard saying that he was very much into the book of Mormon. It mustn’t be taken seriously, because he announced it on April 1st and he may have been pulling legs. Yet there were people who jumped to the conclusion that the rapper was on the verge of joining the Church of the Latter-Day Saints. He may be a genuine adherent of the Mormon religion, and the first thing that comes to mind when the word gets round that he is going to change his ways, is that he finally decided to become a full-fledged Mormon. Still, it is not a proven fact, but what we do know is that Snoop Dogg is fond of his weed, and no church would look at it benignly.

Halle Berry, does she really have an extra toe?


Some of us are inclined to look for flaws when we see a beauty that is perfect – this may be the reason why this particular rumor started. Sometimes we love and hate the same person. Back in the 1990ies, playing alongside Halle Berry in Boomerang, Eddie Murphy cracked a joke calling the actress’ feet “hammertime.” Several years later an image appeared that set people saying Berry had six toes. The fact is the image that gave rise to the rumor is rather questionable. Women who regularly wear designer shoes on the red carpet are apt to have bunions and blisters now and then. Anyway, even if it’s true, Berry’s attraction is unlikely to wane for that.

Miley Cyrus, was she pregnant when a teen?


This one sprang up after Miley Cyrus’ old interview with J-14. During the interview the singer reportedly admitted to being pregnant at the age of 14, although there were doubts about the authenticity of it. It was even suggested that this admission was taken as the basic concept for the MTV’s 16 and Pregnant reality show. There was no further mention of any baby and Cyrus’ pregnancy must have been made up at the time, yet now and then you can still hear the rumor. The singer herself holds she is too young for motherhood and she is not going to spoil her figure so soon. Meanwhile she is into weed and twerking which goes to support her point of view in a way.

Barbra Streisand, did she participate in an adult movie?


Streisand’s old-time admirers have known this myth for quite a while. There is a book called Blue Movies of the Famous which told there is a pornographic movie in existence featuring the actress. According to the book, the woman starring in the movie bears a close resemblance to Streisand whose appearance can be regarded as unmistakable. A denial was then issued that averred that Barbra never acted in any adult-oriented movies, so the allegation was entirely false. Nevertheless, she is known to have an impersonator in the world of adult movies by name of Tasha Voux so there are some nude films about with a woman who looks like Babs. The myth probably originated from Streisand’s appearance on the Playboy cover back in the 1970ies.

Pamela Anderson, does she go sans a couple of ribs?


Now Pamela Anderson has given enough food for news to tabloids, and there are many facts about her life that are true: the circumstances related to her marriage to musician Tommy Lee, her home being broken into, her undergoing breast surgery. But the rumor of another surgery when supposedly a few of her ribs were removed in order to make her waist look thinner, is most likely to be fiction. When she starred in Baywatch, Anderson was known for her “Coke bottle” figure, but by now she has filled out some, having delivered two children, and her waist isn’t what it used to be. Nobody is saying she got her ribs back these days.

Tupac Shakur, can he be alive?


Tupac, or 2Pac, as he was known to his fans, despite his untimely death in 1996, is still held in high esteem in the music biz world. He was an accomplished rapper inducted into the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame, and his lyrics still relate to what is going on around. He died of internal hemorrhaging ensuing from multiple gunshot wounds. Nevertheless, people don’t want to take it in and cling to the myth that Tupac, having gotten disappointed in modern society, staged his own death and took himself away to live on a far-away island. Later a story got circulated via a fake CNN website to the effect that Tupac was actually seen shopping in the company of friends somewhere in California. This kind of belief in the immorality of iconic personalities is typical and understandable.

Paul Pfeiffer, is he Marilyn Manson?


Those who remember the TV comedy-drama The Wonder Years are sure to remember Paul Pfeiffer – and the actor who played him, Josh Saviano. Since then the child actor seems to have made himself scarce. While it can easily be explained by natural circumstances, some fans chose to conclude that Saviano is currently active under the guise of Marilyn Manson, but for some reason is trying to keep it secret. There is also a theory that Pfeiffer got tired of playing second fiddle to Fred Savage and decided to prove what he thought was his real worth. Others say that when the child actor grew up and wanted to play around with girls, he went on to become a rock star. All pure figments of imagination, of course, but the subject is still exciting for some.

Anna Wintour, was she Bob Marley’s lover?


The editor of Vogue who is almost universally considered as having the last word in fashion issues, Anna Wintour is hardly a person you would picture rushing to a passionate date with the late reggae icon Bob Marley. But there are always buts. One of her biographies recounts that Wintour came across Marley in New York in the 1970ies and fell for him straightaway. Both of them supposedly spent the following week together in close contact, but what exactly transpired is not known. Wintour refused to speak about it. Therefore, inferences may be drawn which might just be right in part or in toto. At least this myth generated from a trustworthy source.

Fred Rogers, was he a sniper who killed a lot of people?


Fred Rogers, an author, activist and television personality, is mostly known as Mr. Rogers, host of PBS’s Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. While nowadays he presents a very different picture as host of a program for children and singer of educational ditties, rumor has it that he used to be a Navy sniper and while the Vietnam war was going on, he shot something like 200 people. Although it is pretty nigh unbelievable, it looks like people are fond of making out these nice and innocent people have bloody secrets in their past. Another rumor says that Rogers’ body is covered with tattoos – which may be worth no more than his being a killer sniper.

Walt Disney, is his head kept on ice?


One rather hesitates whether to call it a myth or a stupid joke, but people keep repeating that Walt Disney’s head is kept in a deep freeze. Of course, Disney is so popular and cuts such a great figure in the world of animation that he couldn’t have died and been buried like a common person! In fact, this myth is screen-born. In one of episodes in The Simpsons Disney’s body is shown to be cryogenically frozen. Then there was another mention of Disney’s head kept on ice in 30 Rock. To add, the Weekly World News once carried a story that the Animator King’s head had disappeared mysteriously. But the basic idea originates from further back. You can find in some biographies the fact that when Disney was diagnosed with lung cancer, he made arrangements for his internal body parts to be cryogenically frozen. So, maybe it was Disney himself who created this myth!