10 Marilyn Monroe Facts You Didn't Know


Marilyn Monroe remains through decades one of the greatest sex icons of at least two latest centuries, but in spite of that, or maybe because of that, she was always moving on shrouded in mystery. Though gossip and speculations ran galore, some of her secrets may never be revealed; yet there are many that have come into light, still not widely known. What is hidden behind the façade of a laughing blonde beauty? Was she as mysterious as she was ravishing? The answer seems to be yes.

Marilyn Monroe

1. Marilyn Is Her Stage Name

Now it is her real name, for she had a legal change processed and became Marilyn Monroe officially in 1956, but it was a far cry from what she was born with! She was named Norma Jean Mortenson when she first saw the light of day in Los Angeles on June 1, 1926. Then she acquired a stage name that later became legalized.

2. Marilyn Depended Heavily on Her Acting Coach

The legendary actress took her vocation seriously, and was inclined to hold on to her first acting coach, a pro named Natasha Lytess. Lytess helped her through 22 films, and for the 6 years they worked together, they were virtually inseparable. Marilyn was rarely seen without Lytess by her side, and the latter shaped the actress’ life to a great extent.

3. Joe DiMaggio Went on Loving Her Even After She Died

Marilyn Monroe could attract men stronger than anybody else, and her second husband is ample proof of that. He was the then legendary baseball player Joe DiMaggio. Their marriage never made it long past one year, but he remained in love with her for ever. When she died, he started sending roses to her grave, a ritual that he kept alive for 20 years 3 times a week, what a tribute!

4. Marilyn Monroe Went in for Yoga

Those were the days when yoga was practically unknown, far from being a popular way to maintain your figure. Marilyn found her way to it and was an ardent follower for years, yoga may have given answers to her inner questions and probably partly responsible for her voluptuous curves.

Marilyn Monroe in white dress

5. Marilyn Monroe Underwent Plastic Surgery

It would be just marvelous to believe that Marilyn was born the way we remember her, but alas, it’s not strictly so. While her curvature was her own, she did things to her face. First it was a chin implant that reshaped her chin and cheek lines to a perfection, then she had rhinoplasty to alter her nose. She wanted to improve on Nature like millions girls before and after her!

6. Abraham Lincoln Was the Man She Looked up to

The actress thought she and Lincoln had a common kind of childhood background, and she felt they had a bond. Her autobiography tells us that she collected information about him and was eager to compare his life to hers. She was filled with admiration at his success.

7. She Was Already Married at 16

Monroe first married in her teens, when she was worlds apart from being a movie star. Her Mr. Right was one James Dougherty, and they stayed together for 4 years. After that Monroe went through two more marriages. Dougherty went to work at LAPD as a detective, and when he remarried, his wife told him he was never to go to any of Monroe’s movies!

Marilyn Monroe

8. Marilyn Monroe Was an Avid Reader

Marilyn went deeper than just a face, an unforgettable body and movie roles, she meant to be on a level with intellectuals, and it was known that she went for clever men. She collected a sizeable library and was known to read as much as she was able to. She got enlisted for UCLA literature and history night classes. Munro even got round to penning poetry which was collected and published.

9. Marilyn Loomed Large in Playboy History

Being a sex symbol, she and Playboy were definitely destined to meet! Monroe was Playboy’s very first Sweetheart in 1949, and that means she was the very first Playmate of the Month, for it was originally called Sweetheart. Hugh Hefner belonged with those who admired Marilyn, so much that he stumped up $78,000 to get the next burial vault to hers.

10. Monroe Could Have Been Holly Golightly

Breakfast at Tiffany’s famed author Truman Capote was all for Marilyn Monroe playing Holly Golightly, but he was later overruled in favor of Audrey Hepburn. Still, it’s exciting to wonder how the movie would have shaped with Monroe in the role?

Fame turns such a strong spotlight on people, and on Marilyn Monroe probably more than on others. Whatever we may think of her now, she is an integral part of the American culture, and, besides being a permanent fixture, she keeps luring us with her mysterious life.