Daily Ration Drink Created

After American programmer Rob Reinhart of Atlanta had got tired of spending time and energy on cooking and eating, the young man created a unique beverage that contained all the essential minerals and vitamins.

Woman drinking water

Reinhart says that the drink tastes great, and he still drinks it eagerly after 6 weeks of the experiment. Despite the presence of all the elements of adequate nutrition, the cocktail contains three times fewer calories.

A friend of Reinhart’s family inspired Rob to create the drink after being hospitalized because of his losing too much weight and being too weak to cook. Reinhart created the drink based on olive oil, fish oil, probiotics, antioxidants and oligosaccharides that are longer absorbed by the body than sugar and fructose.

This solution gives the man an opportunity to save a couple of hours a day and about two hundred dollars a month. He used to spend 220 dollars buying food, and eating out cost him more than 250 dollars a month. Now he spends about 50 dollars. In addition, he says that the drink can help people gain or lose weight easily. All one needs is just to slightly change the amount of the ingredients.

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