Beautiful Places. New York Part 2


New York can be very different. Although it’s a huge business city, there can still be found many places to visit for both tourists and natives – many beautiful places to relax as well. Cars and skyscrapers and beautiful nature of the numerous parks, always lots of people… These photos show, how beautiful and varied New York is.

Skaters Wollman Rink, Central Park

Park Avenue

Pharaoh Lake Wilderness, Adirondack Park and Preserve

Grand Central Station

Rockefeller Center

Solomon R.Guggenheim Museum

Sumacs Along the North Fork of the Bouquet River, Adirondack Park

September 11th Memorial Display

Manhattan in Summer

Twilight Sky in New York City

Westchester County in Fall, New-York


  1. Um…..That picture that is labeled “Grand Central Station” is wrong on two accounts.

    1) Grand Central is not a station, it is a Terminal, thus making it Grand Station Terminal. Stations have trains that pass through it. Terminals are Located at the end of the line. With the exception of the Subway, Grand Central is a Terminal for the Metro-North Railway.

    2) The photo is of Rockefeller Center.

  2. Whoa there NYC dweller. That sure IS Grand Central Station in the fourth shot. And it IS Station, not terminal. It is Station not because of it’s terminology, but because that is the name it has been given, and has been so used by millions of New Yorkers. Rockefeller Center? You’ve never been to either to get the two confused, I would think

  3. Technically it is Grand Central Terminal, but most people from NY either use Grand Central of Grand Central Station to refer to it. If you were really from NY you would know that. Also, that is most definitely a picture of Grand Central, it is not even close to Rockefeller Center.

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  5. These pictures are so wonderful. I wish i could move to NYC. my favorite is the September 11 Memorial. I love big cities and don’t like quiet places either.

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