Amazing Roads Photos


Today I decided to add some more beautiful pictures to the “Beautiful Places” category. And this time it’s going to be amazing photos of roads. Yes, I really mean it, because even roads can be beautiful. These are absolutely different roads: roads in forests, asphalt roads, railroads. But each picture has its own character, its own beauty. Enjoy beautiful pictures of roads!

Amazing Landscape

Beautiful Forest Road

Road to Mountain

Wet Road after Rain

Weird Road

Autumn Park Road

Beautiful Autumn Landscape

Village Road

Railway Road

Dirt Road

Beautiful Autumn Road

Picture of Beautiful Forest Road

Autumn Road

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  1. i was very sad and tried to search the net for some beautiful pictures, maybe to try lift my spirits up… these are really great photos, and i had mixed emotions looking at them. at first it made me smile, then the more i looked at it i felt sad. almost to the point of tears… i suddenly realized how big the world is and that i am only confined to such a small part of it. i know i wont have the chance to see these places in this lifetime, so i thank you very much for showing me know that they exist…

    thank you

  2. These are incredible. I would like to know where #5 was taken…..i feel compelled to travel that road.

  3. I’m not absolutely sure, but I think #5 could be Stelvio Pass. Located at the border of italy and switzerland. The road looks familiar, but the vegetation looks a bit strange, because the highest point of this road is just under 3000m and there are not that much plants or trees.
    Need to look for old tour pictures.

  4. Hi,
    Thank you for this amazing post. These pictures were all wonderfully taken. You can’t just think of it as roads. They are indeed great.



  5. where can i see these road at least one i will like to have a feel of it
    like the beautiful aumtumm land scape and the red road after rain the all look kissing.

  6. You can see these roads all around you. The photos are beautiful, but it’s all about the roads.

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