Treat Dark Circles and Bags under Eyes

There ARE easy and affordable ways of getting rid of under eye circles and bags!


Some people are afraid of doing facial exercises, because they think, facial fitness only increases wrinkles and makes them deeper: “You make the same things, which cause face wrinkles!”. Facial exercises do not cause wrinkles. Quite the contrary, they tone facial muscles and let you look younger without any surgery. The most important thing here is to do them correctly. It does not matter, how good your skin care is and what creams and masks you use, if you do not firm up your face muscles, your face look will still depend on your age. A truly ageless face skin can be achieved only by two regular procedures: good skin care and facial exercise.


Why Facial Exercises are Good

Facial exercises provide blood flow to the skin and, thus, make your skin elastic and remove toxins. You can start exercising at whatever age, it is never late. Maybe you are reading about facial fitness for the first time – it is because such an easy and financially unprofitable, but effective procedure is not promoted as much as, for example, skin care products. For those, who already knows, how good facial exercises are and want more effective exercises or just want to try them, here is one more exercise, which helps to get rid of the unhealthy and tired look caused by the bags under eyes.

Get Rid of Bags under Eyes

The Following exercises help get rid of dark circles under eyes. Some of them are also effective for a good eyesight.

  • Sit down straight and close you eyes, take a minute to relax. Then lift your eyebrows, hold them in this position for two seconds (make sure you are stretching your upper eyelid during this) and weaken them for another two seconds. After this open your eyes widely, stay so for two seconds. Repeat these two positions one by one 10 times.
  • Sit straight and close your eyes. Look down, then in two seconds look up, then, again, in two seconds look down and so on. Make it rapidly. All this should be done with closed eyes. Make 10 repetitions.
  • Sit straight with open eyes. Look down, then look up, than left, then right. Hold your pupil in each position for one second. Repeat the cycle 10 times. By the way, these eye movements are a good eye exercise, for example, for those, who sit by pc all day long staring at the screen and whose eyes get tired of it.
  • Sit down straight. Open your eyes. Put the index finger and the long finger of your right hand under the right eye, right to the zone, where bags and dark circles appear. Make the same with your left hand fingers. Lift your fingers by only the muscle of your lower eyelids. Do not press your fingers too much. Make 20 repetitions.
  • After this eye exercises lay down and close your eyes, give your eyes five minutes to relax, they have deserved it.

Please, do not forget, that only regular exercises will provide good results. Once you have achieved the result, maintain it by doing the same exercises. You can also do exercises helping get rid of lines around the lips.


  1. Place your index finger softly on your undereye bag in a horizontal position. Do not pull or tug at the skin. Using your undereye muscles only, gently lift the bag using your finger for slight resistance. Repeat this 20 times daily. This will strengthen those undereye muscles. The key is to be very, very gentle. It will help. Always drink lots of water to flush toxins from your body, watch your salt intake as some of this puffiness is water retention. I have been doing this for 20 years and it works. Always treat this area of your face like precious porcelaine because it is so very delicate. Good luck…

  2. im 12 i have deep dark bags under both eyes it’s genetic and it’s NOT lack of sleep i sleep from 9.00 – 7.30 and i have tried cucumber and ice i even went to bed at 7 oclock for a week i also were concealer which is not cheap to buy and i am wasting my money on hiding who i really am please i need a sollution and fast !!

  3. Joyce, Is the eyelid movement the same one that you use when you can’t read and slightly squint so the letters come into focus? I see that movement lift the bags under my eyes even though it gives me wrinkles coming down from the inside corners of my eyes.

  4. I follow the exercises the ones where you tap your eyelids lightly but i look like a freak tbh :((

  5. All eye creams seem to come in tiny .5oz / 15ml containers – which is a waste of money…i like the Made from Earth Olive Night creme because its a large 2 ounce container and has worked WONDERS under my eyes and wrinkles on the sides of my face.

    I really enjoy the Olive Night creme – I use it as an under eye cream as recommended by their website. My routine has been putting some of the cream along my lower lid and then gently rubing under my eyes before i go to bed at night. The cream stays put, and doesn’t get into my eyes. It also doesn’t have any fumes or aromas to make my eyes water since it is organic and chemical free. I’m the one whose eyes will tear if our cat wanders next to me and rubs my shoulder, so my eyes are generally rather sensitive.

    I use this each morning and evening. I really can tell the difference, that my eyes look less tired, that the skin looks more healthy. And really, it makes sense. All skin needs moisture to stay healthy. That skin beneath and around your eyes is extremely thin, so if any skin on your body is going to show dehydration first, it would be your eyes. People look at your eyes all the time when they talk to you, so they notice that pretty quickly.

    The downside of course is that eye cream is rather pricey – but again, for the above reasons, I don’t think it’s as bad as it might seem at first. You use tiny amounts. The cream is specially formulated to be safe for use near your eyes, and to be light enough to absorb into that delicate skin. You really DO need to take care of that skin area in a special way, since the skin is so delicate. And it’s well worth it to do that, since people who talk to you are generally looking at your face and your eyes when they do so.

    I tend to be frugal, but this is one of the areas where I think taking good care of yourself is worth it in the long run. I bought from the website because I believe they only have stores in London and New York – highly recommended for healthy women looking for an under eye with proven results!

  6. please help me i am 15 years old and i think i have terrible bad bags underneath my eyes although other people say they are not bad
    i use creams but they dont seem to be working
    please help me

  7. ;[ i’m 13 and i’ve had pufffy eye/bags under my eyes. i’ve had it my whole life thanks to my dad, i’ve seen puffy eyes and they are not bad as mine. mine is like 1 inch down . i don’t have wrinklees at all. i’ve tried everything and nothing works! yes i do gett sleep but at times during the day my eye bags aren’t puffy. trust me you will not beleive how huge they are, it’s like what old people have. what do i do?! i wish i could send a picture but someone help!!

  8. I know im thirteen to and my eyes are seiously BLACK my eyes are quite big to be honest but i also have HUGE black circles under my eyes i hate it !

    i have tried everything from creams to the exercises listed and cucumber nothing works please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Im 14 and i have dark bags aswell and my mum says they don’t look that bad but she just says that so i don’t get upset. My dad has hudge bags but thats because he works really late and there not even dark like mine and he never had them when he was younger. None of my friend have them and i try to go to bed early but i can never can get to sleep It’s really getting me down and i’m very self conscious and it’s really confusing because i look on some websites similar to this one some and some people say that will work and others say it won’t i asked my mum if we can go and see a doctor about getting cream or something and she says don’t be so silly. I don’t know what to do 🙁

  10. I have always had very dark circles under my eyes since early childhood. When I reached my 30’s if I had not gotten enough sleep or was rather stressed they were so bad that it looked as though I had two black eyes. About 5 years ago, my daughter told me that a friend of hers had the same problem and her doctor told her it was a milk allergy. I have noticed that when I curb my milk intake for a few days the dark circles under my eyes become much lighter and the bags are also less pronounced. I do drink a lot of milk and eat quite a lot of dairy so I do not know if giving up milk would make them completely disappear. I just thought I would mention this problem with milk and my “black eyes” in case this could help someone else; at 47 I’m just going to curb my intake and live with it.. and utilize my excellent concealer!

  11. im 15 and thanks to staying up late and studying ive been getting dark circles. does ice help to soften the eye and reduce the wrinkles and the puffiness and all? i mean,is it actually ok to use it?

    thanks 🙂

  12. I use to have huge bags under my eyes. Most of it is gone now because I sleep properly. I have severe sleep apnea and was fitted with a oral device (mouth guard) which has change my life in an unbelievable way. Perhaps getting a good night sleep has something to do with preventing this. Thought i’d share!!

  13. i m 19 yrs old n im student. i hav dark cycle and bags under my eyes 4m vry young age. bcoz of it i look so dull n i thought of using a cosmetics but i m worried of it’s sideeffect. so can u plez giv me a natural methods n which will hav good result.

  14. everybody telling their own story but has anybody entioned if these face excercises get rid of dark circles aka their expereience? ya get to the POINT

  15. If you have dark circles one time a day for 2 weeks,  put 1 teaspoon of gelatin in a cup, put one tablespoon of hot water.  There is vitamin k and biotin (im spelling that wrong) in it.  You can use your fingers to apply, but a makeup brush works better.  After the 2 weeks you can do it 3 times a week to maintain.  You can also puree a cucumber (it works better than plain cucumbers) and dip cotton balls into it and put them over your eyes.  You can also make a potato/cucumber mixture, or mix 2 tablespoons dry milk and 1 tablespoon honey.  I like to rotate them since I have had dark circles since I was a child.  Im a blonde so they get pretty bad if I leave these alone.

  16. i always have dark circles, so I have to use a concealer, but yesterday I did 2 things different: ate about 12 almonds… (but they are not cheap and I want to loose weight) and did “eye exercises” as I read some months ago … and drank water about 2 cups more … and now my eyes are much better… and the fact that the eye exercises might help with eyesight might be true too because some years ago I did it and somehow , since then, I can see better, they are not tired… so try it… and avoid to put cold things around your eyes or nose because that gave me sinus years ago… 😉

  17. I’m not sure if guys are allowed to post on here, but I’ll certainly give it a go. Ladies, I’m 30-years old, and I’m in the U.S. Air Force. I’ve been working outdoors in harsh, stressful conditons, and I come into direct skin contact with many hazardous chemicals on a daily basis. I’m a huge partier, and I drink and smoke, profusely. I’ve been doing this for a LONG time. Stereotypically, a person who leads this kind of lifestyle is prone to looking quite rough. I probably should, myself. However, I’ve been doing these same types of facial exercises for a while, and they really work! I’ve got a nice, smooth baby-face, and people often mistake me for 23 or 24. Persistence is key, so don’t give up! =)

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