How to Make Your Breasts Beautiful with Exercises


As centuries pass by, the standards of a beautiful bosom have changed a number of times, today a perfect bust is considered the one with a shape that remains the same no matter what movements your body performs. Hence, a beautiful bosom is considered the one with high breasts, regardless of their size; the main point of a beautiful bust is its tone. The perfect workout for improving the tone and appearance of your breasts is swimming, the second alternative, in case there is no way to practice this sport, is to see a fitness trainer or do some simple but effective exercises, which will help you strengthen the pectoral muscles by yourself.


Exercise 1 for Beautiful Breasts. Pressure

Applying pressure is the simplest exercise for your bust. Stand tall facing the wall, lean against it with your hands. Press against the wall as hard as you can, as if you want to move it, keep on pushing for 10 seconds. Relax, shake your hands. Do a set of 10 repetitions.

Exercise 2 for Beautiful Breasts. Elbows Touch

Stand tall, bend your hands slightly in the elbows, keep your hands on your hips. Try to touch your elbows one to the other behind your back, do not do it in jerks, but rather do it slowly, stretching the muscles for 10-15 seconds. Repeat 8 times.

Exercise 3 for Beautiful Breasts. Palms Pressing

The next exercise for beautiful breasts is as follows: join your palms in front of the chest and press them hard against each other for 3-5 seconds. Repeat 8-10 times.

Exercise 4 for Beautiful Breasts. “Dry” Breast-Stroke

If you can not go to a swimming pool, do this effective exercise to improve the tone of your breast. Stand tall, nestle up to the wall, squeeze the pectoral muscles and make movements, as if you are breast-stroke swimming. Do a hundred slow strokes, keep your pectoral muscles tense all the time.

Finishing Exercises for Beautiful Breasts with Posture Exercise

The best way to finish this set of exercises for your bust is to do an exercise which targets your posture. Pick up a heavy book, put it on your head and walk around the house for a few minutes like that, trying to keep it as a crown. This will help you relax the muscles effectively and give them the necessary working tone. If you can not walk like that, at least try standing with the book on your head. You can hold on to a chair or the wall, but do not lean against the wall.

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  1. Hi ,

    i am deepa 21 years old .. i will married 18 years then 19 years i have one cute baby born was death.. some prblems i am divorce my husband.. now i am a single. but i am like 2nd marriage but my chest is very low for old age.. pls any help for i want small bra my bra size is 36.

  2. hi i am deepa .. i am married my 18 years after 19 years i was born one baby but bad luck baby born aft 10 secs death.. then many problems divorce my husband.. now my bra size is 36. but dnt like my chess becoz very loose of my chess.. but i like 2nd marriage but tis prblm how can i 2nd marriage .. pls help me prblm solve.. thank u..

  3. Hi,,,,
    i’m shilpa and 36 years old and my breast is very heavy, loose and unshaped,,
    sumtime i fell shame bcz of it and i’m short in height so my boobs looks more heavy and worst ,,,,, can u suggest me how can i do for small and shaping boobs,,, pls tell if there is any cream and any thing else, because i want to get back my boobs tight plz help me

  4. So I’m 15 an I’m already a DD36 , 
    I don’t like it at all , I like doing sports and now it is
    very uncomfterable , I can’t run/dance with out them 
    moving because their so heavy . 
    how can they be smaller or lighter ?

  5. Misshy: You are on the wrong track. Heavy size breasts are God given. You cannot forgive them.They are gift to you. Hold them. Once you marry you will know the value of the big breasts. Your husband will be always behind you looking at the beautiful breasts. He will obey you in all respects. He will not violate any of your instructions, because he wants your beautiful, big and bouncing breasts. During sex games he will squeeze your both bouncing breasts to your total and to his total satisfaction. He will take you to climax stage everyday. Once you feel his hands’ touch you will not go to the idea of reducing your breasts size. Keep on the size as they are. In this your are not yet matured.

  6. than you for these tips. i do not like the fact that i have a gap between my breasts if i continue to do these ecercises will they bring my breasts together or is there another excerscise that i can do for that

  7. hi i m divya..nw am in my 18
    my breasts r gng sidely
    hw can i get a very gud structured breasts

  8. Ahh us women talking about our breast problem if there to small we need plastic surgery if there to big we want a breast aductation(how ever you spell it) i mean come on all this for what aren’t we born with perfect breast? But any way I didnt know there were excercice for your breast.i find it kinda fake and unreal but ummm I believe if you message your breast while laying down they get great shape or what ever. But I think us ladies need to be more appreciative of our breast I mean there women out there with no breasts because of breast cancer.
    P.S if you have big breast and feel violated in a ways just rap them with ACE bandages.
    – I’m 15 years old and I wear a 38D and I’m proud of my breast no matter how big they are

  9. Hi! I am Harley. My breast size is 38 C. I want to reduce my size.n my breas is saggy. I want tight, rounded n lift them. Kindly suggest me some exercise n videos of the exercises. I’ll realy appreciate you.

  10. Hi! I am Harley. I want to know that how to reduce my breast size. My breast is becoming saggy. I want to lift them, round in shape n tight. Kindly suggest me exercises n share video clips of exercises. Thanks.

  11. I’m 17 and my breasts have been about the same size since about 13 or 14 . They are a A.  Do these exercises really work and make your bust look fuller? I want to know before I try them out so it won”t be a waste. Also my friend says it will make them flatter if you work out? I just want a bigger chest… 

  12. i m 19 i hv small breast nd my waist is increasing day by day….what shud i do for a perfect figure

  13. i have very small brest my husband ,, he is to say i will love big breast so i need big breast i have one daughter age 5 years when i was feed to her my bobbs fully loose , so please hel me i want to keep my breast tightly and biggggggg

  14. I am 14 years old and my breasts are a 32E, I find that I get judged by them, and I am worried that because they are so..large that they aren’t very good looking – I usually do swimming twice a week and have been for 4years, but I am quitting one of them, so I will only be swimming once a week, but because I have been swimming for so long does that mean my breasts have a good build? I’ll explain what the look like, if you follow down from, the armpit it goes in, then the breast starts, they point out wards a tad but the nipple is fairly low, the breasts themselves are pale and have large veins running across them, the pinky skin  where the nipples are very large and thats about it, I’m sorry this is a bad explanation but I from what i’ve said can you tell if they are attractive or not?:/

  15. hi my name is zain i am 18 years old and is made fun of for not having any boobs i was wondering whether there are any other techniques that will help me and how long do i have to wait before i can get to see the results?

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