13 Reasons to Choose Your Sofa, not Running


Sofa or jogging is an agonizing choice that many people have to face every day. Today, we will discuss the benefits of each option, but, of course, it is up to you to make the choice.


Many of us have started or are still dreaming to start to do something useful in the new year. Someone decides to give up coffee and cigarettes, and someone decides to start running.

If you decide to run, but you are used to running not more than 100 meters after your departing bus, you will probably wonder (more often on the Internet) what to do and how.

In most texts, there is a lot of information about the benefits of running, and you feel inspired and glad that you are on the right track. All of a sudden, it turns out that we should run according to a specific scheme, no more than three times a week, under the supervision of a physician, not in the morning… and not in the evening. It is best to choose interval training and remember about the reasonable limits.

Another site insists that fat is burned during the medium intensity training and that it is better to run at a moderate pace. In some places, you will read about 20 minutes as a warm-up, and in other cases you will find as much as 40! Which means if you run less, it is a waste of time…

Someone, on the contrary, advises running every day. Someone is afraid of building huge leg muscles… Someone criticizes the track in a gym, others speak about the harmful urban air and asphalt.

After reading this amount of information, you do have a strange feeling, and such a simple (at first glance) kind of activity like running starts to seem not just something super complicated and confusing – now you doubt the feasibility of the idea.

If your undertaking is weak from the start, you will make the following conclusions:

Who cares about this running?! I will have crippled legs, my joints will ache, there will be excessive load on the spine, and still I will have to breathe terrible air…

At best, such a person will buy a subscription to fitness (for the 10th time) and will not go there again: going to the fitness center and coming back, getting undressed and dressed again, taking a shower, working out – you need about 2-3 hours to cope with everything. You must be a very purposeful person to spend 2-3 hours of your busy life several times a week going in for fitness.

What will you get eventually? The result is the sofa again!

So my question now is: what is more harmful – to run in the morning (every day, every other day, on the pavement, on the track, in the city…) or lying on the sofa every day?

If we use search engines, we will learn that the question about “the harm of running” was asked 200 (!) times more often last month than the question about the dangers of lying on the sofa…

13 reasons to prefer sofa rather than running, or what risks you face when running

  1. You will have to buy new clothes because you will definitely lose weight. No matter how you run – at intervals or at a moderate pace, 3 kilometers or 15 kilometers a day or every other day. In any case, the result is the same: your body is getting fitter. Your result in kilograms may not change much, but you will surely become slimmer.
  2. You will have to come up with a new budget line since you will no longer need the subscription to a fitness club. Running takes much less time than going to the fitness center! The training begins exactly at the moment when you leave the house.
    You almost do not have time (and desire) to spend time on your favorite sofa watching TV. Think carefully about giving up your favorite TV series and breathing the harmful air of polluted streets instead.
  3. You will have to breathe the air in the street. Not the air conditioned in the summer heat and warmed in winter cold. Namely plain air! Even if you live outside the city, the world’s ecological situation is still catastrophic. So once again consider whether you need to face such a risk.
  4. You will miss all the new items on the market because you will not be able to watch commercials on TV!
  5. You will not be able to lie down and take a nap after lunch (breakfast and dinner). You will have normal blood sugar, which means you will not feel tired during the day. Nothing affects the regulation of blood sugar as positively as cardio training. From this point, we move on to the following one.
  6. You will have to eat less. Yes. Not because you will not have food, but simply because you will not want to eat. When you have normal blood sugar, your appetite is well-regulated as well. You will learn to feel when you are really hungry. Plus…
  7. You will eat simple food. It has been noticed many times that after running (as opposed to strength training, so popular among coaches) you do not want to eat much food, but you seem to clearly understand what exactly the body lacks. Very often it is something very common – a kind of salad or an apple.
  8. You will have to perform at full capacity at work because now you will be cheerful all day long, and it will be impossible to hide it from the boss (or your own self).
  9. Your mood will improve, and the outlook on life will become more positive. The next thing you can accomplish is to start your personal life… Do you really find it necessary? Isn’t it better to stay alone? It’s so relaxed and familiar.
  10. Your belly will be flat, and that’s not feminine at all!
  11. You will no longer get sick. And you will have to constantly go to work because the hospital will not give you sick leave certificates any more. The health workers and pharmaceutical companies will get really disappointed!
  12. Well, let us not think negative any longer…
  13. You will live a long time because running is the best proven way to improve the performance of the cardiovascular system. Do you need it? Life is a dangerous thing! It ends with plain dying. And if your spouse starts to run with you, he/she may also live to a ripe old age… And you will not have a rest until the end of your days.

About the delights of daily lying on the sofa (instead of and not after jogging)

  1. You do not need to run in any weather and breathe dirty air.
  2. There is no need to spend money on sports clothing and shoes, as well as on all those silly gadgets for running.
  3. You will have the same XXXXXL size of clothes.
  4. You can enjoy the 453rd episode of your favorite TV series and see your favorite characters again.
  5. You will be less likely to appear at work legally because you will often have a serious cold, not to mention days with a really high fever.
  6. You will not have to waste time cutting vegetables endlessly and give up donuts and candies because your body will silently follow your bad habits.
  7. You will not have to find a life partner and will find living this way more peaceful.
  8. You will not have to fear that you will damage your knee or (God forbid!) build extra muscles on your legs.
  9. You will not have remorse, unlike the runner who had planned to run, but for some reasons could not manage to do it. You do not plan anything; you are following the line of least resistance and enjoying life. Isn’t it beautiful?
  10. In old age, you will not be lonely. After all, you will meet with a bunch of great people! Because every now and then you will be in the hospital, you will sit in queues in clinics.
  11. You will not lose an ounce of extra weight. And this is wonderful! After all, a good man must be big!

Perhaps, we will stop here. Hopefully, we have swung the scales in the right direction and helped you resolve the dilemma about what is more harmful: to run or lie on the sofa.

Good health to you!