What Types of CBD Products Can You Buy?

Cannabidiol oil, more often referred to as CBD, is one of the over 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis. It’s been studied extensively and found to provide many potential health benefits ever since researchers discovered how cannabis interacts with the brain in the 1990s.

CBD is non-psychoactive, which means you won’t get “high” by taking it, and it can be a very effective alternative for those who want to avoid THC’s mind-altering effects. Many use it for its pain-relieving properties, with a number of studies confirming those effects, including 2012 research that revealed CBD has the potential to significantly reduce inflammation. A review in 2008 also showed that it offered pain relief and with no side effects. It’s not just beneficial for pain, however. Science has found that it may promote better brain health, potentially treating disorders like Alzheimer’s, and it can be helpful for digestive problems too.

No matter what the reason you’re considering CBD, you’ll want to know about its various forms before you begin shopping at an online CBD store as it’s available in everything from oils and tinctures to edibles, creams, and lotions.

Tinctures and Oils

CBD tinctures and oils blend CBD with a medium-chain triglyceride oil or vegetable glycerin. They’re typically taken through a dropper, placing the liquid beneath the tongue, or drops can be added to foods and drinks, such as smoothies, yogurt, or even ice cream. They come in various flavors and strengths.

There are slightly different CBD oil types due to the different ways of extracting and formulating CBD, such as broad-spectrum CBD, full-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolates. If a product only includes CBD without other hemp extracts, it’s CBD isolate. If it has some other hemp ingredients, including other cannabinoids, it’s full-spectrum CBD. For those who want to avoid even just trace amounts of THC, broad-spectrum CBD is the way to go.


CBD capsules are taken like you would any medication or supplement in capsule form. They’re swallowed, go through your digestive system, and usually, within an hour or two, you’ll feel the effects. Taking one in the morning and another in the evening provides a steady baseline of CBD throughout the day.


Edibles refer to any product you can consume that contains CBD, such as CBD gummies, although there is a wide range of options from cookies to chocolate bars and drinks. They’ve become a very popular product for wellness, allowing one to easily and quickly get their intake of CBD through flavorful, infused products.

Vape Oil

CBD Vape Oil is designed to be vaporized and inhaled. It comes in a variety of flavors and goes directly to the lungs. It’s absorbed quickly, with users often feeling the effects almost instantaneously. More CBD is delivered to the bloodstream as compared to ingested forms as well, but it also wears off faster, typically within a few hours. The other issue is possible lung damage due to vaping.


A CBD topical can be anything from cream or a lotion to a menthol rub or even a bath bomb. People buy topicals for the same reason they’d buy that type of product, with the additional benefits of CBD. The CBD isn’t delivered to the bloodstream, but topicals can be beneficial for skincare as well as for pain. Some feel the effects right away, while others may not notice them for a few hours. It’s generally best to try several different types to determine which provides the most relief.

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