Wearing Colored Contacts for Halloween Damages Your Eyes

Ophthalmologists warn again and again: wearing colored lenses, such as those creating the look of a cat, monster or the living dead may seriously damage your eyes. These lenses get extremely popular on Halloween, which is just around the corner.


On October, 31, millions of people around the world dress up like monsters, ghosts and other evil creatures. Young people prepare for the day especially properly – lots of them purchase contact lenses creating the effect of a monster’s look.

These lenses change the color of the persons’ eyes in the way that they look unnatural and scary, which is, of course, the main goal on Halloween. One can buy these online, as well as in various special shops. However, wearing them may damage your eyes, ophthalmologists claim. The health risks include corneal damage and ulcers, infections and even permanent loss of vision.

It’s noticeable that most of the lenses’ consumers are not suffering from any eyesight problems, this is why they have never used real contacts and, thus, are not aware of how to put them on and take them off. The number of eye injuries linked with wearing contact lenses on Halloween is increasing constantly, but the growing demand creates supply.


In the Internet there is a great number of cheaper contacts creating the desired effect. But experts stress, that wearing contact lenses is only possible after seeing an ophthalmologist. Only this specialist will help you to pick the right lenses as well as teach you how to use them. Contacts sold in the Internet don’t pass specific safety tests and, logically, don’t correspond to safety standards. This is why they may seriously threaten your health, while their low cost isn’t a sufficient reason for the eyesight loss at a young age.