Modern Women Obsessed with Youth

One of the biggest fears that affects women nowadays is the fear of aging. Actively propagated cult of youth has led to the fact that more and more women want to look younger, while understanding of their own maturity is perceived as a catastrophe.


According to the information contained in an article published in The Hindustan Times, youth boom is beneficial primarily for modern cosmetic companies and businesses in the beauty industry. They spend powerful resources on the formation of standards of beauty for women, and this policy gives good results. Nowadays it is almost indecent to look bad at the age of 40-50 years. People of this generation are clearly trying to look younger than their parents at the same age.

According to the article, the duty to always look young is haunting the heads of the majority of women. This creates disproportionate ambitions and expectations. The studies show that up to 60% of women over 35 years old think they look older than their years and feel worried about it.

Obsession with youth has made ​​a great “contribution” to the formation of such statistics. 20% of women admit that they feel worried about their appearance every day. Each of them thinks about it more than two times per day. Every fifth representative of the fair sex older than 24 years (!) believes that she looks “too old.”

Women are also affected by the surrounding pressure and media – the experts say they want to look like the well-groomed individuals from the covers of glossy magazines or like beautiful people on the screen. Trying these masks for themselves, women forget about the simple truth that aging is not something terrible.

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