Ways of Keeping Your Brain Fit and Young

Everybody understands that workouts are essential for maintaining physical health and keeping the body young. But the brain also needs its share of care. Both the body and the brain slowly sag under the weight of years, and we have to take measures to slow down the process as much as we can. Only think of painful joints or Alzheimer’s disease, and you will be ready to put yourself out in order to fend off these sorry consequences.

Regular reading

As reading did a lot for our development when we were children, so it does now. It continues to broaden our minds and conduce to thinking outside the box. Apart from educational purposes, there are multiple psychological benefits – especially if you read in a certain fashion. Engrossing yourself in a story, you remove yourself into the author’s world. This not only provides a perfect escape, but also increases blood flow and balances brain frequencies which make for robust neuroplasticity.

The term “neuroplasticity” describes the process in the brain when due to the incoming of fresh information or new sensory stimulation (or maybe development and even dysfunction) neurons and neural networks begin to rearrange their connections and behave differently. Healthy-going brain neuroplasticity is a great aspect slowing down the aging of the brain.

Regular workouts

Doctors will always be urging you not to desist exercising. Of course, we know everything about the benefits of giving yourself a good physical strain, but we don’t often think that it brings on brain stimulation as well. Physical inactivity is known to be linked with worsening mental processes which could eventually lead to the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Walk quickly, go to the swimming pool, play ball games that do good to your heart rate, engage in various sports activities for at least half an hour daily, and your brain will be getting its share of benefits.

Complex puzzles provide excellent stimulations

Working out a tricky puzzle keeps the brain functioning furiously, boosts gamma activity, enhances your creative abilities. The same goes for many different kinds of stimulation, not only puzzles. Games like ping pong can also have a strong similar effect. A recent article in the American Academy of Neurology asserts that ping pong and such-like games are advantageous for sharpening the mind.

The article described how people with Parkinson’s were able to mitigate their symptoms through playing ping pong for half a year – only one time per week, and it was enough.

There should be enough sleep

Good, sound, sufficient sleep is extremely important for the proper functioning of your brain. Scientific theories hold that healthy sleep deals with abnormal proteins strengthens and clears memory. So sleep equals a lucid memory and an active mind.

A good night’s sleep means at least seven, better more, hours at a stretch. Sleep broken up into fragments is of inferior quality, for it is a question of sifting and consolidating the day’s memories. For the process to be effective sleep must be consecutive.

On the benefits of daydreaming

A daily spell of free wanderings is what every brain needs to burgeon. As you walk and feel scatter-brained, not concentrating on your concerns, about 200 brain sections are working at full tilt honing your creative skills.

For a really useful walk, probe into your mind to see what you can unearth (or what it can come up with), while staying mindful of what is going on around. Avoid sharp concentration because it ruins the free straying that is necessary for invigorating results.

Stay with the Mediterranean diet

What you eat feeds your brain, too. What is best for your body is also great for the top floor. Red meat, salt, and sugar that abound in typical American meals are not so good as the Mediterranean diet with its accent on green foods, fish and healthy fats, whole grains.

According to studies, people who habitually eat Mediterranean way run less risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Research is being conducted to detect the elements of this diet which are healthiest for the brain in particular. What is known exactly, nevertheless, is that brain cells are assisted to function as they should by omega fatty acids and other salubrious fats in extra-virgin olive oil and other Mediterranean foods. They lessen the risk of developing coronary artery problems, sharpen mental focus as well as inhibit cognitive decline in aging individuals.

Observe how you enjoy your music

Music is also a mighty factor for a vigorous mind. If you let it overwhelm you and sweep you away to its neverland, in the process, you will be recharging your energy. While you generally feel that, you don’t often think that the brain gets its share of benefits – but it does.

Keep up your social life

Social activity is a sure-fire remedy for depressive and stressful bouts, meaning it prevents damage to memory. Make use of every opportunity to bond with your family and relatives, get together with friends, chat with colleagues. Studies show that solitary confinement can cause atrophy of the brain, therefore a socially active lifestyle may make your mind speed up and ensure the brain remaining healthy.

Keep watch over your behavior and how it affects others

This practice engages and activates the alpha frequency of the brain as well as several other frequencies. As a result, you can become aware of certain toxic patterns that require detoxing before they can impair brain health. Your beneficent zoning out periods when you take a walk and indulge in daydreaming will be interspersed with equally important periods of clear awareness of what is going on both inside you and with other people interacting with you. Awareness prolongs health and youth.

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