5 Main Beauty Trends of Summer 2021

Bright lines, thick eyebrows, and glow on the skin are the trends that are waiting for you to try them on. In this article, we analyze the current beauty trends that will suit girls with any appearance. Look for the main makeup novelties in the gallery:

Glowing skin

You can give your face a fashionable glossy effect with just one tool – a highlighter. The highlighter can be applied not only to the upper part of cheekbones but also to the apples of cheeks, a little on the chin, on the nose line, and under the eyebrows. These application tricks will give the skin light freshness and a radiant effect.

At the same time, the skin of the face will remain as natural and weightless as possible, as if there is no foundation on it, it will give the impression that you have come out of the warm sea, enjoying the scorching sun all day under a green palm tree.

Colored lines

Any kind of colored lines will look very interesting and accentuate your makeup. For example, thin classic lines, half-lines, feathery lines, and even the lines in the style of the 1970s will accentuate the eyes and make them look more expressive. Pink, yellow, blue, green – don’t be afraid to experiment.

Bright lips

Bright makeup is the trend of summer 2021. Lips are no exception. In lip makeup, you can now use the most daring shades: pink, orange, red. Bright lips combined with a similar shade of shadows on the eyes will make the image modern, memorable and harmonious. Get inspired by the examples of girls from the gallery:

Combed eyebrows

Thick, combed-up eyebrows were fashionable back in 2020 and still continue to be a trend in makeup. The only thing to look for in eyebrow makeup in 2021 is naturalness.

Eyebrows should not be graphic, drawn with pencil or shadows. It is worth growing the eyebrows as thick as possible and combing along the line of natural growth. Comb them with an eyebrow brush and style with clear gel or soap.

Twinkling in the eyes

Glitter or shimmery shadows most often become an addition to evening makeup, but during the pandemic, when lips are often hidden under a mask, a bright accent on the eyes becomes more relevant for a daytime look.

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