Top Reasons Why Your Hashimoto’s Might Not Be Getting Better

Suffering from Hashimoto’s is a complicated affair and like many other health complications, it can’t be solved within a black and white scenario. There are many variables and depending on how you take care of these variables, you can hope to see improved results on your treatment. Here are some of the things that you need to be careful as they have hindered the progress of many patients.

Not eating properly

Once you learn that you have a thyroid fatigue complication, your diet should change completely as there are many things that can cause inflammation which are found in a regular diet. The best course of action might be to try the Paleo diet and see how that works for you but in any case, you should try and give up processed food and even processed salt which contains corn sugar.

Using the right supplements

Taking thyroid enhancing supplements can be towards no effect due to the fact that the patient is using the kind which isn’t good. These types of supplements are of multiple varieties and one of the most often seen is the one that contains corn starch. Obviously, that one should be avoided. Make sure that whatever supplements you are going for, they are gluten free and don’t come with any type of starch. If you have a reaction to corn, there are all the more reasons to avoid corn starch supplements.

Concentrating all the efforts in one place

The thing about Hashimoto’s that many don’t realize or don’t fully comprehend is the fact that it is a pretty complex condition that affects the body of the patient at multiple levels. In other words, you cannot hope to get “cured” just by gulping a fistful of hormones until the problems go away. Many are very fixated on the thyroid hormone issue and think that it’s the only thing that matters. From their perspective, the situation is rather simple: they have a thyroid problem, so they take thyroid hormones. As a result, the symptoms go away and they’re out of the woods. Unfortunately, the more realistic representation of Hashimoto’s would be that thyroid hormone only amount for a portion of the answer because they take care of only a portion of the problem.

The problem causes stress and stress causes more problems

BurnoutStress is an incredibly impactful factor when it comes to thyroid affections. As a result, people that are getting very stressed will only make the situation worse. However, suffering from Hashimoto’s, in general, makes for a pretty stressful mood and it can all become one big loop where the patient gets sicker because their stress levels increase and their stress levels increase because they’re getting sicker.

Not challenging diagnostics and opinions

A problem that many patients have is that they don’t question anything that is thrown in their face. While usually the medical authority figure in your particular Hashimoto’s story should be listened to, it’s important to question and to actively interpret what they are saying. Failing to do so is what people refer to as being a passive patient. Obviously, this is detrimental to your own condition. It’s important to have an active attitude towards medical decisions and interpretations of your personal situation. This will help you get a better grip on the situation and not be just a tennis ball that doctors throw from one side of the court to another.

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