5 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Have you heard about the benefits of drinking green tea? This Asian tea leaf has amazing health benefits that make for meaningful inclusion into any diet. Green tea has been used for thousands of years as a refreshing beverage and an herbal remedy that has a myriad of health benefits.

What is Green Tea?

Green tea is a tea leaf grow commonly in Asia. It is said that the best green tea comes from mountainous regions of Taiwan and China where the leaves grow abundantly. Green tea is grown, harvested and then packaged into tea bags, or the loose leaves vacuum packed and sealed, ready to be shipped anywhere in the world.

Here are five amazing health benefits of consuming green tea on a regular basis.

#1 Get a Dose of Antioxidants

Green tea is loaded with phytosterol antioxidants and catechins. These powerful antioxidant compounds clear the blood of any free radicals that may be causing oxidative cell damage within the body. These antioxidants are the primary benefit of drinking green tea and research has shown that they have a powerful effect on preventing cancer from growing and spreading through the body.

#2 Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation Is the root cause of every disease and health disorder we encounter in our lives. Our GI tract is filled with live micro bacteria that digest our food and pull the nutrients from. When these micro bacteria are forced to live in an inflamed environment, their ability to assimilate the nutrition from our food becomes impaired and as a result, metabolism slows and immune function drops, exposing you to disease and other health disorders. By including green tea in your diet, you ease the inflammation in your gut and provide the gut biomes with a healthy, balanced environment.

#3 Improve Fasted Blood Sugar Levels

Drinking green tea before bedtime and first thing in the morning will help you control your fasted blood glucose levels. The catechins and phytosterols in green tea help your body assimilate sugars and glucose in your blood, dropping your blood sugar and preventing insulin release, thereby improving insulin sensitivity.

#4 Reduce Cholesterol

Green tea drops the production of bad LDL cholesterol and increases the production of good HDL cholesterol while lowering overall total triglycerides in your blood stream. This is good news for anyone that has high-cholesterol and should be included in the diet of anyone suffering from anxiety, high-blood pressure or hypertension. Researchers have often pointed to green tea consumption as the reason why Asian communities have such high levels of longevity in their society.

#5 Green Tea For Fat Loss

Green tea has been proven to improve metabolic function and increase the body’s ability to mobilize fat stores to be burned as fuel. Drinking green tea before a workout, or taking a green tea extract supplement will enhance your fat burning efforts at the gym.

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Green Tea

Making the perfect cup of green tea is easy. For The best effect buy the loose green tea leaves and use a tea infuser to make your tea. Start by boiling the water and then wait two minutes for the water temperature to fall to about 150 degrees F. Add your tea leaves and let them soak for thirty seconds. Remove the infuser and rinse the teapot and infuser with warm water. This is known as ‘the wash’ and will remove any dust that may have accumulated on the tea leaves during harvesting and processing. After the wash is done, add more of the hot water to the teapot and infuser, letting it steep for two to three minutes before drinking.

Green tea is available in a wide variety of different species that focus on different health benefits due to the level of catechins and antioxidants they contain. Choose a blend that suits your taste and brews a cup of nature’s miracle tea!

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