Strawberry Protects the Stomach

A group of Italian, Serbian and Spanish researchers believe that strawberries may reduce to a minimum the damage to gastric mucosa caused by alcohol.

Strawberries to protect your stomach

Dr. Sara Tulipani of the University of Barcelona is sure that the positive effect of strawberries is associated with their antioxidant nature: strawberries activate antioxidant defense and body enzymes.

The research has shown that a diet rich in strawberries may have a positive effect when it comes to preventing gastric diseases related to the generation of free radicals and other active forms of oxygen.

In addition, they say that strawberries may also slow down the formation of gastric ulcers. Gastritis, or inflammation of the gastric mucosa, is connected with alcohol consumption, but can also be caused by viral infections or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The researchers say that in these cases eating strawberries may reduce the damage to gastric mucosa.

The scientists conducted an experiment on rats: during a period of 10 days they were daily given 40 milligrams of strawberry extract per kilogram of body weight. Then the rats were given alcohol, and the state of their stomachs was analyzed. It turned out that the rodents, which had been eating the extract, had smaller ulcers than others.

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