Milk Coffee Harms Tooth Health

Dentist Heidi Hackett believes that popular drinks containing coffee provoke the development of caries. Many of the patients drink milk coffee, while working at the computer for hours.

Milk coffee destroys teeth

Chronic exposure to lactose (milk sugar) gives the bacteria in the mouth the ability to multiply rapidly. For them, it is a liquid fuel needed for conversion. The popularity of these beverages results in an increase of tooth cavity incidence during the last 5-7 years.

According to the doctors, caries is mainly provoked by Streptococcus mutans. This bacterium converts sugars and carbohydrates into acid. The acid corrodes tooth enamel, causing cavities. It is a norm to spend 15 minutes with a cup of latte. But when a person drinks it very often or has a bite all day long, he or she will not succeed in avoiding the problems with teeth. Then the bacteria will be firmly fixed onto the teeth.

The doctors recommend drinking water after a cup of milk coffee. Thus it is possible to neutralize the acid. A sugar-free chewing gum is also the way out because it stimulates saliva flow. And saliva cleans the mouth, reducing acidity.

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