Sleep Quality Depends on Diet

American experts are sure that the human diet is in some way related to the quality of sleep. This was proved by the analysis of sleep of more than 4.5 thousand people. It can be assumed that certain acids and mineral substances affect sleep. The Daily Mail has written about this.


Best Foods for Good Sleep

Experts have identified a combination that may be perfect for good sleep. We are talking about Brazil nuts, which are rich in potassium and selenium, and milk. Michael Grandner, author of the study, representing the University of Pennsylvania, comments that it is very easy to deal with the problems associated with sleep. But this does not preclude the need to treat the underlying cause of the disease.

Factors Contributing to Bad Sleep

In fact, physical activity, diet and other lifestyle components affect sleep directly. These factors affect the risk of sleep apnea and insomnia. Do not be surprised at what the study researchers have found: sleep problems often occur in women facing financial problems.

Calcium & Selenium to Improve Sleep Quality

If we take into account other factors, it can be assumed: quality sleep can be guaranteed by a number of food items. The problem with falling asleep is twenty percent less probable when the consumption of selenium is doubled, and it is seventeen percent less probable when calcium is consumed. According to the study, you should sleep at night for the brain to be healthy.

Good Night Sleep

The experts have named butanoic and dodecanoic acid (available in milk), carbohydrates, and vitamin D the key factors of good night sleep. It is noteworthy that the risk of having symptoms of fatigue and sleepiness during the day decreases by thirty percent when potassium intake is doubled and is nineteen percent lower if calcium is added to the diet. Bad sleep is associated with hexadecanoic and caproic acids (available in cheese and butter), a large volume of fluid intake and salt.

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