How to Sleep on a Hot Summer Night?

Before going to sleep in hot weather, it is necessary to freeze the pillow. With the help of a fan and a tray of ice, you can create a real air conditioner. British experts have told how to deal with heat at night, when it interferes with your rest most of all.


It is known that a person sleeps better in a cool room, so the temperature in the bedroom must always be lower than in the other rooms. However, many countries experience a period of very hot weather, even at night, and the room does not have enough time to cool down. If you sleep in a room with a temperature above + 24C, it will affect the quality of your sleep negatively.

British psychologist and sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, has shared some practical tips that will help people who do not have air conditioning in the rooms to sleep during the hot season. Firstly, she recommends creating a self-made air conditioning. This will require a fan and a tray of ice. It is necessary to turn on the fan, put some ice next to it and let the air blow onto the bed. Very soon, it will cool the room: melting ice will create cool air, which will be distributed by the fan.

Put a plate or a cup of cool water beside the bed to moisten the face, if it becomes too hot. This provides an almost instant relaxing effect. If your refrigerator allows, put your pillows and sheets there. Sleeping on cool bed linen gives an unforgettable experience.

Never open the curtains in the bedroom during the day, if it is hot outside. Before going to bed, wash your feet with cool water since it is from this part of the body that cooling of the entire body begins. Invest some money in a new mattress with an innovative texture, made of the materials regulating body temperature. Avoid eating hot foods and drinks, and do not forget to drink lots of water, which also helps to sleep in the heat.

We can add a couple of mini-lifehacks:

  • If you go to bed with wet hair, you will not feel so hot at night.
  • Spray some water on the curtains and open the windows to create a draft. Moisture will spread, and the heat will not be so unbearable.
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