Sex Treats Headache

Scientists do not cease to amaze the world proving that sex brings not only fun, but is also a panacea for many health problems.


Sexual intercourse may “partially or completely” eliminate pain in certain types of migraines, neurologists from the University of Münster (Germany) say. An article published in the Cephalalgia journal says more than half of the people who had sex during a migraine attack found out that symptoms were relieved.

One third of the 200 patients suffering from cluster headache, said in an anonymous survey that they had sex during one of the attacks. 37% felt some improvement ( 91% of patients had moderate pain until the end of the attack), but every other person pointed to increased symptoms.

The scientists have explained: when you have sex, endorphins – natural “painkillers” – are released into the blood. Actually, the tool is not a panacea: one-third of the people suffering from migraines and half of the people with cluster headaches felt even worse during sex.

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