Selenium Prolongs Youth

Doctors recommend including foods that contain selenium in your diet.


If you aspire to live long and always look much younger than your years, try to fill your diet with the products containing selenium. German scientists have proved that the lack of selenium increases the risk of cancer and accelerates the aging process.

The scientists from the Institute for Experimental Endocrinology at Charite Clinic in Berlin (Germany), in collaboration with the researchers from the Technical University of Braunschweig, claim that selenoproteins, found in the blood, are responsible for the absorption of selenium from food and can be a decisive factor in the development of other proteins. The latter provide the body protection from free radicals, which is why the lack of selenoprotein immediately increases the risk of cancer. The body that is not protected from free radicals suffers from rapid aging processes in organs and tissues.

The scientists are currently working on the methods that would allow maintaining a constant amount of selenoprotein in humans at the appropriate level. Today, food is considered the most optimal source of selenium. Such products include eggs (yolk), asparagus, mushrooms, corn, and Brazil nuts.

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