The Secrets of Successful Sleep

Specialists repeatedly tell us that while healthy eating is vital, the most essential aspect to a healthy life is getting enough sleep. The majority of us probably feel that we don’t enough quality sleep and that we often tend to wake up feeling worse than when we went to bed. However, there are a number of things you can try that could leave you waking up feeling fresh and well rested. Here are the most essential things to consider to get a good night’s rest.

A Sleeping Woman


Many will testify that by far the best technique for curing insomnia is exercise. More specifically, doing cardio exercise has been proven as a natural aid to good sleep. While the amount of exercise you do will depend on your personal circumstances, 20 minutes or so of cardio exercise three times a week is what you should be aiming for. In addition to helping you sleep, regular exercise will leave you feeling energised and less stressed during the day. However, it is recommended that you don’t do strenuous exercise immediately before going to bed.

Alternatively, if cardio exercise is not to your liking, try something less strenuous but equally beneficial such as yoga. The focus on meditation and deep breathing can have a massive effect in terms of reducing stress levels and clearing the mind, leaving you in a peaceful, calm state of mind that will help you to get to sleep.

Your Sleeping Environment

The way you use your bedroom can have a surprising effect on your quality of sleep. Firstly, make sure you bedroom remains just that – the place where you sleep. Don’t double your bedroom up as an office or entertainment centre. Instead, leave these kinds of activities to other rooms in the house. Try whenever possible to shut down all your gadgets, computers and TVs at least an hour before you turn in. It’s far better to read a book instead.

The bed itself is vital. Make sure your bed is as comfortable as possible by getting a good quality mattress. If you are looking for a double or single mattress, UK suppliers are easy to find online. Ensure that your bed is the right size. If it’s too large the bed will swamp you, but if it’s too small you are likely to feel uncomfortable and cramped.

Coffee and Alcohol

While most of us need a coffee or two in the morning to get us going, consuming it after midday is not good for your sleep pattern. In addition, drinking anything but a small amount of alcohol in the evening should be avoided as often as possible. While a glass or two of wine may relax you and even help you to fall asleep, the quality of sleep you get when you have alcohol in your body will not be very good. The alcohol disturbs the REM cycle which is vital in ensuring that your sleep is as restful as possible.

Natural Remedies

It is far better to avoid coffee and alcohol as often as possible and to replace them with natural products that are conducive to good sleep. Swap your glass of wine for a relaxing cup of camomile tea and try natural products such as valerian and melatonin, which are basically milder forms of sleeping pills.

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