Scotland’s Oldest Woman Shares Her Longevity Secrets

The oldest woman in Scotland celebrated her 109th birthday on January 2, 2015. Jessie Gallen has revealed the secret of her longevity and good health. It turned out simple.


Jessie Gallen from Scotland is the oldest woman in the country. Not so long ago, she celebrated the 109th birthday and is optimistic about the future. In an interview with the British newspaper The Daily Mail Gallen told the secret of her longevity and excellent health. It turned out to be simple – the women who want to follow her example should often eat porridge and stay away from men.

Jessie admitted that she had never been married and generally believed that men brought more trouble than good. According to Gallen, she is sure that constant training, a plate of porridge every morning and the fact she has never been married have helped her.

Now she lives in Crosby House care home in Aberdeen and, according to a representative of this institution Rebecca Streeter, she actively participates in joint activities, loves to do exercises, visits concerts regularly and goes to church every Sunday.

Jessie Gallen was born in 1906 in a family where she had 5 sisters and a brother. At the age of 13, the independent girl left home and became a milkmaid. Later, she has changed jobs several times, but has always been on good terms with her bosses.

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