Overeating Means Ignorance

American scientists have drawn a curious conclusion that literacy of a person directly affects the amount of food consumed, as the news review of authoritative scientific and popular Science journal wrote.

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The experts were driven to similar conclusions about the result of the study which had been attended by about 200 people. By means of special tests the study’s authors determined the level of speech, writing and mathematical literacy of participants. At the same time, the scientists had to estimate how much food the volunteers had been putting on the plate, in other words – during a single meal. In this case, the so-called “rulers of the Food,”were taken as a basis for a kind of Standard, adopted by the United States.

It turned out that the participants of the project had exceeded the quantity of food eaten over the norm in only 38 percent of cases. Depending on the type of food, excessive eating percentage ranged from 30 to 53 percent. The authors of the study have also found that people with high literacy rates are twice more likely to be close to normal. It is curious that the portion size was not influenced by the extent to which the participants liked this or that food and how often they had to eat it.

Incidentally, this study echoes the recent findings of another group of American scientists, concluding that people, who have difficulty with digital information, are more inclined to gain weight, as the Science magazine informs.

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