New Pillow for Pimple Free Skin

New pillow specifically designed for pimple treatment helps to achieve significant improvement within 12 weeks of its regular use. Cosmetic effects of the novelty developed by American experts from Precision Fabrics Group are provided by antibacterial substance in the pillow and using of non-irritating fabric for sensitive skin.

Pimple Free Pillow

The secret behind non-irritating effect is equal proportions of nylon and polyester in the fabric. This also ensures the feel of such fabric is smooth and silky.

Designers claim their new fabric helps to heal pimple eruptions faster and prevent the spread of bacterium called Propionibacterium acne, responsible for this annoying skin problem. Furthermore, the effect of pimple-fighting pillow is backed up by antibacterial substance that kills pimple-causing germ.

As it was said earlier, cosmetic effects appear within 12 weeks of regular use. Dermatologists who took part in the development confirmed the statement.

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