Most Popular Detox Myths

Detox is the process of removing toxins as well as weight loss through juices and fasting. It seems to have become a new religion today. Who and how is advised to follow it?

Fasting helps cleanse the body

In fact, a hunger strike and a sharp rejection of a balanced diet are a huge stress for the body. Neither skin, nor hair, nor digestion feel comfortable during this period. If you decide to take such a step, it is better to do it under the supervision of professionals, supporting the body in parallel with vitamins and without rigid cancellation of substances important for the body.

Detox is a quick way to cleanse

In medical centers and retreat resorts, they spend at least 10 days on detox procedures and warn that the effect may be the opposite at first: there will be severe fatigue, depression and drowsiness, and rash may appear on the face. This is natural: the process of restructuring the body is always difficult. Few people can survive this by themselves, so many address professionals.

Detox helps cleanse the body after the holidays

If we are talking about how to quickly remove alcohol and heavy food from the body, smoothies alone can do little (they may even aggravate the situation). After a stormy feast, chicken broth, aspic and seafood are your best allies. Of course, these are not the first products that come to mind when someone says “detox”.

Detox keeps chronic diseases under control

All the promises that detox helps forget about gastritis attacks, improves the cardiovascular system and solves chronic problems have nothing to do with the truth. Firstly, only a doctor can prescribe a diet for a certain disease. Secondly, many medications are incompatible with severe dietary restrictions.

Everyone should cleanse the body at least once a year

In fact, if everything is fine with the kidneys and liver, the body will do everything on its own. A balanced diet, plenty of water throughout the day, 8-hour sleep and the absence of fast food are a more comfortable alternative to special detox programs invented by modern medical centers.

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