5 Ways to Avoid Weight Gain in Winter

In winter, the body adjusts to a special mode: it consumes less energy and strength, but it requires heavier high-calorie dishes.

Do not get cold

At first glance, the advice is not directly related to weight loss, but scientists have long proved that when our body is cold, it begins to accumulate white fat on the sides and hips, which is subsequently very difficult to burn – the body thus warms itself. Given that in modern times you can afford to dress stylishly without spending millions on the clothes, do not get exposed to cold.

Drink more warming drinks

You must have heard that hunger can be muffled with water. In winter, warm drinks are available. Herbal and regular teas, hot extracts of berries and spices can provide tremendous support to the body: saturate it with nutrients, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, and invigorate.

Start your lunch with soup

Soups can hardly be imagined without winter (or is it winter that we cannot imagine without soups?). First, try to eat soup every day. Secondly, start a meal with it: it is substantial and literally fills the whole stomach. After some hot liquid, the risk of overeating is minimal.

Add more fat and protein

In winter, the energy balance of the body changes, which is quite natural. To keep warm and maintain normal functioning, add more fat and protein to your diet. Products that help maintain energy metabolism include flax, avocado, nuts, fish, seeds, as well as gluten-free cereals.

Get enough sleep

The quantity and quality of sleep are directly related to the distribution of hormones during the day, which are responsible for the beauty of the skin, well-being and feeling of fullness (or hunger, if everything is bad). Do not forget to monitor the conditions of sleep: complete darkness, a cool room and the absence of gadgets for half an hour or an hour before bedtime. These are the minimum requirements for a proper recovery.

Many products can be both a source of energy and a cause of poor health, especially in winter. We recommend you to undergo food intolerance testing to make your life easier. The test will relieve swelling and improve metabolism.

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