Most Efficient Hangover Treatment

Effective hangover treatment helping to restore blood sugar and relieve headache may be mega-accessible and cheap. British experts recommend those who suffer from hangover to eat bananas the morning after a wild party.


Rob Hicks, the author of the study, says a banana is the best food for breakfast, if you drank more than usual the day before. This fruit helps to alleviate hangover symptoms effectively.

Dr. Hicks says that after partying hard a person suffers not only from dehydration, but also from a low level of blood sugar, as the liver is busy processing alcohol and does not release the usual amount of glucose into the blood.

According to experts, eating a banana in these conditions helps to restore blood sugar levels and relieves headaches and discomfort.

One small banana will smoothly raise the blood sugar to a comfortable level and at the same time soothe the irritated bowel.

However, fatty and sugary foods, on the contrary, increase blood sugar too quickly. As a result, a person suffering from a hangover will feel a lot worse.

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