How People in Different Countries Get Rid of Hangover

It often happens after a fun-filled evening with lots of drinks that in the morning you struggle with not just headache. How can you treat hangover in different countries of the world?


Netherlands – beer

Beer is quite a famous and popular way in the Netherlands. The Dutch particularly recommend cold lagers, which the country is famous for.

Russia – pickle

The secret effect of pickle is observed due to the fact that it simultaneously combats dehydration and replenishes the loss of electrolytes and salt. However, the dose of this “medicine” should be moderate – not more than a glass. Besides, you should make sure you drink pickle, and not marinade.

Norway – cream

The most popular way to deal with Norwegian hangover is incredibly simple, but, nevertheless, it is not well known – in Norway, people prefer to just drink a big cup of heavy cream. The main thing is not to try combining this method with the German one, otherwise unintended consequences will be possible…

Germany – salted herring

The Germans prepare herring rolls stuffed with pickled vegetables – rollmops. Rollmops are a perfect remedy for hangover, and even in Germany its second name is “breakfast after drinking” (Katerfrühstück).


Ancient Rome – snails

If the commonly accepted methods do not attract you, and you prefer something more original – we suggest that you should try to take advice from Ancient Rome. In the morning, the Romans who drank a lot the day before took snails, crushed them and rubbed their forehead with the remains of those snails. The headache was said to disappear quickly.

Italy – coffee

One gets the feeling that modern Italians, unlike their ancestors, adhere to the following rule of life “if you have any uncertain situation, drink coffee” (or, for example, eat pasta if you suffer from flu). Hangover is no exception. To deal with hangover, it is recommended to drink a cup of strong espresso or ristretto. You can drink even more than one cup.


Turkey – kokoretsi

Turks treat hangover with the help of kokoretsi – it is the recognized “king” of street food in Turkey. This dish is prepared on a roasting-jack; it is lamb offal (heart, lungs, kidneys, etc.), preferably of a suckling lamb, constricted in a gut. Huge lumps of kokoretsi are roasted on coals, in electrical ovens and even on an open fire, and the resulting product is finely chopped with green pepper, thyme and tomatoes; it is sprinkled lavishly with red pepper and put in a warm crispy tortilla.

Mongolia – tomato juice with a surprise

The next method is a national Mongolian recipe that will be suitable exclusively for adventurers: put a pickled sheep eye in a glass and pour tomato juice. Drink it in a gulp. As for nutritional properties, they are doubtful, but the thought about an eye of a completely miserable lamb looking at you from the glass will surely make you forget about your hangover…


USA – tomato juice with yolk

Americans are not as harsh as the Mongols, so they offer a similar, but much less radical way of treating hangover. Instead of the eye, they use a raw egg yolk, add Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper to the tomato juice – just as in the classic cocktail “Bloody Mary”. One should drink it in a gulp.

Britain – bacon sandwich

British scientists are known for their amazing discoveries in all areas; as usual, they never disappoint us. They have studied our subject as well. In 2009, the scientists from Newcastle University found that the best remedy for hangover is a bacon sandwich. The fact is that fat contains a large amount of amino acids, and bread and ketchup provide a weakened organism with carbohydrates.

China – strong green tea

In China, drinking ginseng tinctures, various herbal beverages, and, of course, tea is recommended. The stronger it is, the better.


France – oysters

The French probably would not be the French, if in a situation like hangover, they preferred something else instead of exquisite delicacy. The French version of anti-hangover remedy is a dozen of oysters. In general, there is also a grain of truth in it – oysters contain a variety of vitamins B1 and B2, not to mention vitamins A and C. If for some reason you cannot eat oysters, you can taste the French onion soup. It also helps.

Japan – canned plum

Umeboshi is a pickled plum – the most popular remedy for hangover among the drinkers in Japan. Plums can be eaten alone or with green tea. They help even in the cases when the holiday lasts for several days in a row.

Haiti – a voodoo ritual

If none of the above methods works, the most desperate people may turn to extreme measures. In Haiti, one struggles with hangover using a voodoo ritual. In the morning, they look for the bottle emptied the day before and plug it with a cork; then they stick 13 pins with black heads in the cork. It is said to help best if you really believe in this remedy. As for others, we still advise them not to be engaged in this nonsense and try not to get completely drunk.

And finally, there is a universal international recipe – fatty and spicy meat soup. It is recommended in at least 10 countries around the world, from Eastern Europe to Latin America.

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