Longevity Secret Revealed

Is it possible that the next generation will have good opportunities and prospects to help develop new life-prolonging technologies? Could our children live up to 150 years, and their grandchildren – be able to celebrate a millennium?

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According to a British research, the director of which is Aubrey de Grey, such an opportunity will appear, but only in prospect. The scientist believes that the first step towards this goal has already been made, as for the past 25 years many technologies have been developed to help slow down the aging process.

A case was recorded when a man lived till 150. Now he is, of course, no longer alive. But this shows that nothing is impossible. According to the forecasts that experts make, already in the next two decades a man could be born who will be able to live till 1000. Alongside with the development of medicine in such areas as gene therapy and stem cell research, as well as the search for tools to better stimulate the immune system, other methods of prolonging life are being developed.

The researchers hope that soon health service will be much more simplified. We will need to visit just one doctor who will make the necessary conclusions about our health; hence, the problem of aging will be solved. The forecast by de Grey, of course, might seem a little dubious. Life expectancy increases by three months each year, and many experts claim that by 2030 there will be many people over 100 years old. For example, in Japan in 2010, there were 4400 centenarian people. Experts define aging as a life-long accumulation of cellular and molecular damage in the body, which can – from a practical point of view – give doctors an opportunity to correct flaws.

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