Kitchen Size and Woman's Weight

Experts have found out that woman obesity may be due to many seemingly minor factors, such as the choice of dishes, refrigerator, or even the colour of kitchen walls.

Kitchen table

According to the official statistics, since 1920, women have put on a few centimeters. Thus, the increase in breast circumference makes 1.3 cm on average, waist circumference – 2.54 cm. hip circumference – about 1.9 cm. Besides, the United Kingdom currently holds the third place in the world for the number of obese women.

The researchers have also noticed another interesting trend: the area of a typical kitchen almost doubled over the same period, and now is perhaps the most important room in the house. Experts note that earlier it was not appropriate to stay in the kitchen, which usually resembled something like a small, dark pantry, except for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But now, thanks to the efforts of interior designers, kitchens have become much more attractive.

As a result, it is in the kitchen that many ladies spend most of their free time. According to Gaynor Bassel, a nutritionist and one of the leading authors of a recent study, this room has become not only a place for eating: here women can read, talk on the phone, watch TV or simply sit down and have rest. Accordingly, such actions are often accompanied by unconscious eating and getting extra calories.

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