Hugs Reduce Blood Pressure

Frequent hugs not only improve our mood, but enhance our memory and normalize the blood pressure. The scientists from the University of Vienna (Austria) point out that during a hug the human body produces oxytocin, the so-called love hormone, which is very good for health. However, the secretion of this hormone occurs only when you hug the person whom you treat very well – for example, a beloved man, a relative, or a friend. High doses of oxytocin reduce blood pressure, stress, and anxiety. They can even improve memory.

Happy Woman and man

The author of the study, neuroscientist Dr. Jürgen Sandkühler, admits that the positive effect of hugging is observed only in those cases when people trust each other, and you will not see the production of oxytocin after a formal embrace with some barely familiar person. If we see a common positive feeling of two people for each other, when these signals of love are the same, the body produces oxytocin.

Hugs from strangers do not work this way: oxytocin is not produced, and anxiety only increases. This leads to stress because it is human nature is to be worried about the personal space around you. Its violation causes the increase of stress hormone cortisol. However, it also has some positive qualities.