How Do Emotions Impact Your Body?

Scientists have found that anger really makes our heads hot because negative emotions subconsciously prepare the body for a fight. At the same time, sad and depressed people feel that their limbs are weaker for some reason.


Finnish researchers from the University of Turku decided to thoroughly examine the impact of different human emotions on the body. Their findings were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal. It turned out that angry people felt their head and hands more clearly. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they are subconsciously preparing for a fight, in which they will need fists and quick reaction.

On the contrary, sorrow provokes tangible weakness in the limbs, as well as depression. In addition, depressed people feel their chest and heart better. Disgust is felt in the throat and the digestive system, and love – for some reason – is most often felt by toes. And only happy people perceive all parts of their body equally intensively.

Note that these results were obtained while studying the body features of the men and women representing different cultures. They proved to be about the same everywhere. According to the researchers, these physical sensations can explain the mechanism of producing and developing human emotions.

The study of subjective sensations of the body, associated with human emotions, can help the researchers better understand mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety. A better understanding of these disorders gives the scientists hope to create more effective treatments.