Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot

When you kick off your shoes, you often get an instant feeling of relief – and if you are outside and start to walk barefooted, you get even more pleasure. But apart from the pleasure, you can get quite a lot of health benefits – how much do you know about it?

What’s more, these benefits have long been proven scientifically – as you touch the ground with your bare soles, they absorb from the Earth negative electrons that are conducive to the stabilization of cortisol rhythm as well as to a better balancing of internal bioelectrical environment.

To put it simpler, when this kind of contact occurs, negative ions invade the body and balance its positive ions – this balance strengthens health more than you can ever imagine.

Some of the benefits of long barefoot walks are listed below.

The practice helps with insomnia

As emerged from a PubMed study, habitual shoeless walking influences the ability to unwind – so those who enjoy taking off their shoes and padding on in bare soles have sounder night’s sleep than people who never – or rarely – touch the ground with their feet directly.

This happens because walking barefoot works towards stabilizing circadian rhythms – one of the factors ensuring sounder sleep, for this internal system is in charge of regulating wakeful and sleepy conditions throughout the day.

Bare feet make you feel closer to nature’s energy

It may not be obvious why being close to nature is so desirable, yet it brings about multiple benefits for health. As you stroll about the soil and the grass with your naked feet, you actually work to increase the number of red blood cells while diminishing the number of white blood cells.

You gain greater control over your blood pressure

While covering the ground barefoot, we provide the nerves of our feet with proper stimulation. According to some recent studies, this helps significantly lower our stress levels. Consequently, we can boast better control of blood pressure by releasing stress by earthing (the term denotes walking barefoot).

Earthing goes a long way to alleviating inflammation

Skin disorders and inflammation sufferers can find that plenty of barefoot walking eases off inflammatory processes. By doing so this practice does much for halting chronic conditions caused by inflammation (as well as some kinds of cancer).

Chronic pains can be alleviated remarkably

Both official and alternative medicines agree (which they don’t often do!) that the admittance of the earth’s electrons strengthens the body’s immune system.

So, walking barefoot improves the immune system, as well as makes the body receive more oxygen; it all results in lessening of chronic pains and easing of acute pains.

Your energy level goes up

People who like to spend their time in natural surroundings are aware of nature’s powerful energy. As one exposes oneself to wild nature, they embrace nature’s high frequencies that boost their inner energy taking it to a higher level.

While we often find our energy levels brought down by the speed and hassle of life, we can compensate for the loss by jumping at every opportunity to take a walk with our shoes off.

No footwear means a more graceful posture

Studies reveal that footwear is not so good for our feet. While all these shoes and boots are all right for city life, their protection and fitting make our feet less flexible. And, of course, they do away with the need to have stronger foot muscles, so our feet grow weaker.

It means we don’t use our feet properly in their original capacity; they get weaker because we grow to depend on other muscles – and our posture gets distorted.

Since foot muscles are not sufficiently strong and the posture starts to deteriorate, pains in various areas begin to spring up – in the knee, in the back, and even in the neck, signifying bad body alignment.

Menstrual cramps can become less painful after earthing

Women who are in the middle of menstrual cramps may believe nothing can help them – yet the pain management generated by walking shoeless is quite able to take care of that as well. It is definitely worth trying!

Earthing can expand its health benefits onto your progeny

If your children are fond of playing barefooted on the ground (even in the dust and dirt), they are not only doing good to their immune system, but also making their allergies lighter. Besides, they bring down their stress and generally become more robust.

If you wish to avail yourself of all the health benefits listed above, make a habit of walking with your shoes off for at least a quarter of an hour daily.

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