Most Hazardous Jobs for Women

The American Health Institute has released the list of most hazardous jobs for women with some surprising items on it.


Secretary and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome or simply tunnel syndrome is characterized by numb hands and wrists followed by acute pain caused by the compression of median nerve due to continuous typing and operating a mouse. Due to heavy computer use, wrist tendons can injure the median nerve responsible for finger function. Surgical assistance is needed in severe cases. What can you do about it? Your workplace should meet ergonomic standards.

Sore Throat in Teachers

Vocal stress from teaching the Pythagoras theorem all day long puts a great strain on vocal cords and dries out the back wall of the throat, making it more vulnerable to infection. This results in all symptoms of sore throat that may trigger complications. What can you do about it? Speak less, breathe through the nose and gargle your throat.

Varicose Veins in Store Assistance

Anyone who does a lot of standing at work – wearing heels at that – is plagued by varicose veins. The blood toils through blood vessels, causing swollen veins. In bad cases, the varicose veins are surgically removed.  What can you do about it? Exercise more, rest at home lying with your legs elevated, and change your footwear.

Miscarriages in Flight Attendants

Changing time zones, biorhythm disorder, vibration and air pressure fluctuation may disrupt the development of pregnancy in flight attendants, often resulting in miscarriage. Or a baby might be born with developmental defects.  What can you do about it? Stay away from plane, at least, during 3d and 4th weeks of pregnancy.

This list, however, can be a comfort for those ladies who lost their jobs due to financial crisis. Your health is your biggest asset, isn’t it?

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