Habits for Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

The brain should be taken care of in the same way as other organs of the body. However, people are most often very worried about the condition of the skin or heart and follow appropriate recommendations for their health, completely ignoring the health of the brain and the prevention of its diseases. This is exactly what they shouldn’t do.

Indeed, as statistics show, more and more people on Earth have a chance to get Alzheimer’s disease over the years. Modern research proves that this disease can be avoided.

Women are more likely to have Alzheimer’s disease than men. Doctors attribute such statistics to the fact that women live longer on average. This disease most often manifests itself after 60 years. The first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease can occur during menopause. To protect yourself as much as possible from this disease, scientists and doctors advise you to constantly train your brain.

Using the latest research, the American Association of Neurologists has published the main rules for the prevention of brain diseases that develop with age:

Eliminate sugary drinks from the diet

A 2017 study found that heavy drinking of sugary drinks leads to impaired episodic memory.

Think positive

As doctors’ observations show, people over 55 years old often think negatively, and this has a bad effect on the health of their nervous system. Learn to think positively. This is really important.

By the way, patients with a positive attitude recover much faster after a stroke and show better rehabilitation results. Attitude is of great importance for brain health.

Quality sleep

It is important to get adequate sleep and sleep deeply. Modern science already knows that quality sleep is important for brain health because its chronic lack negatively affects human cognitive functions, which are not an easy task to restore.

Always have a goal

Oddly enough, having a purpose in life keeps our brains in good shape. In youth, it is simple: career, family, and children. Life boils and rages. However, with age, goals become less pronounced, and a person begins to feel unnecessary. Therein lies the danger. As they say at the Center for the Study of Alzheimer’s (USA), when a person has no purpose in life, their brain begins to age.

Don’t take certain medications

We are talking about the constant and long-term use of tricyclic antidepressants, some antihistamines, medicines for diseases of the bladder. Research by the Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Development Foundation has shown that taking the above drugs increases the risk of developing diseases of the nervous system.

Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic disease of the nervous system. The disease causes slow neuronal damage and brain tissue death. Due to the disease, memory and mental abilities gradually deteriorate, and the ability to cope with daily activities decreases.

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