Getting Rid of the Double Chin: Injections

One of the largest corporations in Germany began to test a new drug aimed at eliminating double chin.

Woman, Chin

The way how the new treatment acts is unique – the drug injection seems to dissolve the subcutaneous fat in the area of the second chin. According to the preliminary information, about seven hundred people are going to participate in the test experiment. The experiment will take place in more than sixty clinics in different European countries. The mass production of the product is planned for the year 2014 if all the tests are successfully passed.

Judging by the current data, we can say that a course of fifty injections will be needed to gain a positive result and get rid of the double chin completely.

According to the developers of the drug, the injection process can be likened to making a body tattoo. Evident improvement can be seen within only three months after the start of the procedure.

The leading experts in the field of dermatology representing European countries cooperate in the experiment and believe that in case of favorable results of the testing the new oil solvent will be a real breakthrough. This can be explained by the fact that the positive result of the injections can be compared only to surgery in its reliability and the degree of evident result. It’s just that the recovery period is not needed after the injections.

Source of the image: Photl.

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