Which Foods to Eat for the Better Brain Function and Memory

We have already written about the benefits of various products. Today, let us see what foods help us to think, plan and analyze.

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Eating Eggs for Thinking Faster

What should we do, if we want to create the perfect menu for the effective brain functioning? Firstly, we need to get some vitamin B12, which is crucial for nerve cells. Its deficiency causes irritability, depression and reduced cognitive abilities. Secondly, it is necessary to add a little folic acid, which is essential for normal cell division. It is involved in hematopoiesis and regulates carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Iodine has yet another advantage: it is essential for proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Violations of the thyroid gland lead to lethargy, weight gain and depression. Finally, we should provide our diet with vitamin D. If its amount is insufficient, you can develop depression, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and PMS. Therefore, we include eggs in our diet as a nutritive fertile power plant in miniature!

Eat Butter to Improve Your Memory

What do we usually spread on our morning toast? Butter, of course! Do not faint at imagining this picture – our body really needs animal fats, and if you neglect them, you might have already discovered how hair falls out, how your nails exfoliate, and how your skin loses its elasticity.

is the food for the brain! It contains a huge number of nutrients not found in vegetable oils, including vitamin A, which stimulates the production of neurotransmitters (such as dopamine, which influences the mood and memory), vitamins D and B12. The butter made from the milk of the cow that eats grass and no chemicals is even more useful – it contains omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation and promote the growth of new connections in the brain. Plain butter is also responsible for the delivery of linoleic acid to our body, which increases blood flow to the brain, prolongs the life of the cells and counteracts the negative effects of stress hormone cortisol. In short, the fresher and cleaner grass the cow eats, the better milk can be got, and the more nutrient butter will be produced from it. Try to eat Bio-products.

Eat Red Meat to Get Enough B12 Vitamin

Despite the fact that red meat is considered to be harmful food, as some people suggest, it is ideal for our brain, because it contains heme-iron, a compound which is better digested or absorbed. Our brain needs a constant supply of oxygen. And this process depends entirely on whether enough iron for red blood cells is contained in our body. Red meat is also an excellent source of vitamin B12, and this is one of the best sources of zinc, which has a beneficial effect on academic performance of children, as proved by a sufficient number of studies. Also, if you try to eat the right red meat, the level of linoleic acid you can get from it is increased by 300-500%, compared with conventional beef.

Eating Anchovies Provides a Better IQ Level

The main source of omega-3 fatty acids is, of course, the oil-rich fish. Anchovies contain twice as much fatty acid as the advertised tuna. And yet another advantage of anchovies in comparison with the infamous tuna is that this fish has a low place in the food chain, and it almost does not accumulate mercury that has an adverse affect on the human brain (as opposed to tuna). By the way, it has been proved that pregnant women, whose diet is rich in omega-3, give birth to more intelligent children – they have a higher IQ level.

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