Face Skin Problems and Health Conditions


Skin condition shows what ailments are likely to develop in the body.

It is the face skin that is the first to react to any pathological changes in the body. If one pays attention to some deterioration of the skin in time, it will be possible to avoid many serious complications.

Dry skin is very difficult to clean even when using special cosmetics. It may indicate a malfunction of some internal organs. Most often, excessive dryness occurs in case of the violations of the thyroid gland. Except the dryness, such diseases make the skin vary in color and even become cyanotic.

If the face skin has capillary stars and inflammatory elements, there may be a disorder of the functioning of gonads.

If the skin is dry and itchy, the person may be ill with diabetes.

If the skin on your lips begins to peel, regardless of the weather, the body may not have enough vitamin B and iron. If there is an insufficiency of these elements, it increases the risk of disorders of the central nervous system.

If the face skin becomes yellow and is covered with pimples, it can indicate the violations of the gall bladder and liver.

As a rule, all these manifestations of diseases occur together with a sharp decline in immunity, due to which the person becomes susceptible to infectious and viral diseases. Therefore, when the face skin gets deteriorated, you need to take care of your body.